December 30 2000: Utrice Leid alludes to future revelations on Clayton Riley's "On Time" on WBAI, Saturday morning,

Clayton: Clayton Riley On Time with you, this is WBAI, community-based radio, listener supported and commercial free. We're going to take phone calls from those of you who wish to talk with us. Let's see what folks have to say: BAI you're on the air.

Listener: Good Morning. Utrice, I just wanted to let you know that the analysis and the coverage that you've done on issues of police brutality were inspirational, particularly with the Diallo trial. And then you took all of that and you threw it out the window the day that Bernard and Sharan were fired, and you went to sic the police on them and have them arrested.

Utrice: Well I would encourage you to continue listening because as you have noted, I have said nothing about this, because from the very beginning, I've said that our greatest threat is internal, and I maintain it - it's an internal matter. It's clear that some have chosen - and I think unfortunately - they've made that choice, who confirm in public the degree to which we have been ... uh, ailing here, internally, and not all that you hear is the final word, but... you'll get to us. You will hear from me in a very short time. I will report to you in a very short time, just how I see the picture. Everybody has had his or her say, and that's the way I want it. No one has been told what to say, what not to say. No one has been yanked off a program. The idea is that the truth will out, as they say.

Clayton: All right. Thank you for calling.

Utrice Leid invites speculation about a "Svengali", an internal disrupter at WBAI, "one entity that began this war that placed us in this morass"...this "out-of-control individual" who has been pulling strings at the station since October...this one individual who has "unilaterally declared war... even if it brings down the whole station", and has lied and manufactured "layers upon layers" of lies, "manufacturing something that isn't true"...

New Year's Day Talkback!

[ to be continued...]