The Three Memos issued to WBAI Staff

  • From Bessie Wash to WBAI Staff
    Please be advised that the following individuals - Valerie Van Isler, Bernard White, Sharan Harper - are no longer staff at WBAI, and are no longer authorized to enter WBAI premises. Any permitting or facilitating their entry into the premises will be subject to disciplinary action. We all must work together if we intend to provide a productive and constructive work environment essential to the mission of the station.

  • From Bessie Wash to WBAI Staff
    I'm happy to announce that one of your own - Utrice Leid - will be serving as Interim Station Manager at WBAI. Ms. Leid is respected not only by the staff itself, but within the community. I personally look forward to working with Utrice in developing goals for the station. I am sure that you want to join me and extend your congratulations and offer your support as we forge ahead together a growth of WBAI in the core values of the Pacifica Foundation.

  • From Utrice Leid to WBAI Staff
    First - it's been and it's going to be a bumpy road, but I have great faith in our ability to confront and overcome challenges. Beginning Friday December 22nd in the year 2000, I have assumed responsibility as Interim Station Manager of WBAI. I look forward to working with you in the spirit of mutual respect, coordination and dedication to our broad community of listeners. As always, you can feel free to talk to me about your concerns, as I assume I will be able to talk with you as well.