October 1999


Teach In/Speak Out

    Free Speech!
     Reform of the Media!
      Democratization of Pacifica!
        Listener Empowerment!

"It's about the freedom of the mind." - Mumia Abu-Jamal

Saturday, October 2, Noon
Washington Square Park
(W 4th St. & 5th Ave.)

Scheduled Speakers:
Dennis Bernstein, KPFA Journalist, arrested by Pacifica
Lyn Gerry, Former KPFK Shop Steward
William Harrell, National Police Accountability Project
Iris Baez, Anthony Baez Foundation
Eddie Ellis , Community Justice Center
WBAI Producers - Call Hotline for updates

Remove the Pacifica National Board!!! No Sale of Any Station!!!

Sponsored by:
Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica - New York
Hotline (212)465-7562
* www.wbai.net * www.radio4all.org/freepacifica *
www.savepacifica.net *

Come to the Teach In about the Crisis at Pacifica

WBAI 99.5 FM is a valuable resource to New York area communities and democracy throughout the world

...BUT we are in imminent danger of losing it to corporate raiders.

WBAI 99.5 FM and KPFA in Berkeley, CA are among the five stations that make up the Pacifica network. Pacifica is the only network whose stations are almost entirely supported by listeners - NOT by commercial interests. The loss of any one of these stations would be a severe blow to freedom of speech. Recent events at KPFA including a 23-day stand-off, staff arrests and use of armed guards to block entrances, have caused worry that WBAI or KPFA, each valued at over $200 million, will be commercialized or sold.

"The timing and character of the siege of KPFA indicates that the station's governors have chosen to join, rather than resist, a many-pronged assault on public access to the airwaves." - The Black Radical Congress

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