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The Pacifica foundation was launched by pacifist Lew Hill in 1949 with the first ever listener funded radio station - KPFA, Berkeley.

The Pacifica mission called for radio that would foster understanding amongst nations and individuals, encourage creativity, and promote innovative, uncensored distribution of news.

In 1960, WBAI 99.5fm in New York joined Pacifica when philanthropist Louis Schweitzer gave the station to the network, which now has 5 radio stations, and around 50 affiliates across the U.S.

After reading items listed here, the headlines (and corresponding articles) on wbai.net's main page and the archives page will make a lot more sense and read like a constantly updated timeline. The lawsuits page also works well in this way.

To find documents regarding the mechanics of Pacifica and the original mission of the foundation go to the bylaws page.

Suggestions, remarks etc. invited.

Pacifica Lawsuits Section
1999 - 2001
Theory of Listener Sponsored Radio
By Pacifica Founder Lew Hill
Radio and Pacifica: an early history
John Whiting's amazing '92 article; very lengthy but very worth the read. Includes Pacifica's first ever program schedule.
A Pacifica timeline
A facinating selection of historical moments as posted on KPFK's website
A Pacifica struggle timeline
From the online version of the Concerned Friends of WBAI "tabloid" newspaper
Roots of the WBAI 2000 Coup?
WBAI General Manager Van Isler Overrules Selection Committee in WBAI PD Hire
A history of the Pacifica struggle from Berkeley
By Maria Gilardin who started in the KPFA news department in '82.
History of Race Relations at KPFA Berkeley
7-10-03 essay by longtime KPFA programmer Bill Mandel
Essay: Principles or Principals: The Fight for Free Speech Radio
A Pacifica struggle history by long time Pacifica activist Lyn Gerry
The Fight to Save WBAI
Online version of this newspaper from 1977!!
[ gif version at: www.goodlight.net/wbai/photos/default.htm ]
David Giovanoni: how to destroy Pacifica
On the consultant who supplied much of the strategy for the hijacking of Pacifica
"Pacifica" attacks free speech websites
Spring 2001: the hijackers threaten to sue www.wbai.net, www.freewpfw.org, www.savepacifica.net over domain names but eventually wimps out
The San Luis Obispo Declaration
Written in 1984. Deja vu all over again. The arrival of major hijacker Pat Scott.
Pacifica by Christopher Koch
Pacifica in the early '60s: tangling with the feds, unionizing ...
An amazing resource for historical essays and documents including many listed on this page.
Matthew Lasar's site. Renowned author of book on Pacifica's history.
Free Speech Radio News: a chronology of censorship
The striking Pacifica National News reporters letter to PNB chair
A chronology of "Pacifica's" harassment Democracy Now!
Posted 8-27-01
The Community Radio Report
Online version of the Concerned Friends of WBAI newspaper - June 2001
Deja Vu: demands in D.C. look allot like Berkeley '99
Posted after November 2001 Pacifica Nation Board meeting in D.C.
1964 WBAI folio text
An overview of 1964 programming
Pre-coup WBAI programming schedule
WBAI's schedule before 12-22-00
Announcement for Pacifica Speakout
Sponsored by CdPNY in Washington Square Park 10-2-99
Save Our Station (S.O.S.) 1997 statements to the Pacifica National Board
S.O.S., a WBAI listener group formed in 1996, later changed it's name to Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica - NY. You are currently at their website - wbai.net, the listener's network.
Save Our Station (S.O.S.) Mission statement
For a lot more of early CdPNY/S.O.S stuff, check out files towards the bottom of the wbai.net archive
A bit of history on the KU satelite system
12-7-02: by Rych Withers, President - Fresno Free College Foundation/KFCF

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