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The Fight to Save WBAI
ISSUE #1 APRIL, 1977
1977 demonstration
Lectures from Naropa, Poetry readings N.Y. U. to St. Marks, High Cultural and political events for last fifteen years;

Pacifica and BAI only station to record that history, archive it, preserve and rebroadcast it for its permanent quality at the moment and in later years. Its also put together, edited literary documentaries unique in dealing with contemporary open form

poetics and prose, of such nature that no other media has even attempted nor is likely to duplicate. Defunct WBAI High Culture Poetics and history means complete obliteration of areas of both Official and Counter - Culture from recorded memory, auditory history. This defaults culture itself. It is not a minority or majority matter, every world suffers, first, second and third, and any more imaginable.
Allen Ginsberg

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