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PNB calls for new WBAI budget, wants reports
on restricted income spending at WBAI, 9-30-07

PNB Motions on WBAI, PRA and NO Budgets by LaVarn Williams, as amended:

Motion 1: Resolved, that the Pacifica National Board does not approve the FY'08 budgets of WBAI, PRA and the National Office. This continuing resolution shall allow WBAI, PRA and the National Office under the FY '08 budgets submitted for the next 90 days, with the exceptions that

a) Any salary cuts shall apply equally to all employees.

b) Any salary cuts, staff cuts or restructuring at WBAI shall not be implemented without consulting the paid and unpaid staff and unions and shall be consistent with union contracts.

Furthermore, the management of WBAI, PRA and the National Office shall submit weekly reports including fundraising/Memsys reports and cash flow statements/ bank statements to the CFO, the ED and the iED, and the Chair of the Finance Committee.

Motion 2: WBAI, PRA and the National Office shall submit budgets with all supporting detail; and the CFO shall initiate internal financial audits at all units within the next 30 days for review and approval by the National Finance Committee. At the end of the 90-day period, WBAI, PRA and the National Office budgets and recovery plans to comply with budgets targets-- including the requirement for a one-half month surplus-- shall be considered for approval or for a continuing resolution.

PNB Resolution on WBAI Restricted Funds, by LaVarn Williams as amended, passed without objection 9/30/07:

(1) No later than the close of business on October 1, 2007, the CFO shall report in writing to the PNB on the status of WBAI's restricted funds, including an accounting of the use of the $300,000 in restricted funds listed in the budget documents.

(2) No later that the close of business on October 1, 2007, the CFO shall transfer Foundation funds to WBAI's restricted funds in an amount sufficient to cover the difference, if any, between the $300,000 in restricted funds and the amounts expended for appropriate purposes under the terms of the funds'restrictions, and shall identify the source of funds used to restore the WBAI restricteds funds accounts.

(3) The GM and business manager of WBAI shall cooperate with all requests of the CFO necessary to carry out the terms of this resolution. 10:00am 9/30/07. Passed without objection.

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