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This is a sort-of op-ed section of wbai.net. Complaints, comments to:

4-05: JUC - An analysis

8-27-04: KPFA Staff/LSB Letters

7-26-04: Listener Request

7-26-04: Open Letter Regarding Campaigning at WBAI

11-13-03: Bankrupting WBAI and Pacifica ?

8-30-03: Pacific bylaws etc: what is the reality these days?

8-25-03: What bylaws are

7-20-03: With regard to racism at Pacifica

6-25-03: How you indentify the 'diversity' of the programming?

6-21-03: The bylaws debate at Pacifica

6-10-03: Finish the bylaws revision process, Elections Now

5-9-03: Pacifica's function: to increase listenership?

4-7-03: How it is in WBAI land?

2-19-03: Re: Carol Spooner and the free Pacifica movement - a little perspective

2-6-03: Props to Andrea Fishman

12-8-02: Infighting threatens Pacifica

11-15-02: Universal elections policy is best for Pacifica

10-24-02: Judge not by one's surface...

9-29-02: Racism: how to have an actual effect

8-22-02: Decentralization: How radical is bylaws draft B?

9-21-02: Moving Pacifica's National Office back - (R. Osman)

8-16-02: Response to revised inclusion/constiuency model

8-1-02: Harsh, but true...

7-23-02: Constituency/inclusion model(s): some back and forth

6-27-02: Regarding the Berkeley iPNB meeting and broadcast

6-9-02: "...self appointing boards at Pacifica must be avoided"

6-9-02: WBAI should broadcast the iPNB meeting

5-26-02: Call for national Pacifica governance program

5-9-02: Pacifica Matters: put it on the radio

4-28-02: Practicing peace at Pacifica

4-19-02: Put it on the radio!

4-19-02: Need more (diverse) people? Put it on the radio

3-22-02: Control of process and airwaves: Opinions and editorial

3-20-2: The Pacifica struggle: Have we really won?

2-22-02: PNN: putting things in perspective

2-20-02: The Nation's gone to hell

2-10-02: WBAI family feuding

1-10-02: Let us not lose our history

1-10-02: "elections committee"; a dirty word in CF

1-8-02: The managers have an evil plan

12-13-01: Process: Or How to avoid a bloodbath

12-4-01: To the so-called Pacifica national board

11-29-01: Threat of elections

11-14-01: Lyn Gerry on democracy

11-5-01: Ed Herman honors the boycott

10-28-01: The listener's lawsuit and negotiations

10-24-01: Boycott the wbai fund drive

10-21-01: About the lawsuits

10-7-01: The 2 things...

10-1-01: Thank you WFMU!

9-24-01: War and peace

9-18-01: Such passion!

9-17-01: The new national program director

9-6-01: Wake up and smell the KPFA thing (LAB elections)

9-4-01: More decent pro-elections blather from Jim D

9-1-01: Speaking truth to bullshit

8-24-01: Letter to Washington Post

8-23-01: Carol, Patty and Jim...

8-21-01: elections talk by Jim D.

8-14-01: Carol Spooner demands Democracy Now!

8-8-01: Priorities

8-3-01: Getting hypocritical in the elections debate

8-1-01: Elightening exchange with prospective PNB appointee

7-29-01: 2 letters from Carol Spooner: elections, the mission

7-28-01: PNB: Important questions and points of information

7-26-01: Robert Knight booted: More perspective from Patty

7-22-01: Genoa: Pacifica's lame performance

7-17-01: Understanding the CF of WBAI elections committee

7-15-01: Ghost of elections-future

7-14-01: The free Pacifica movement and democratization

7-10-01: Patty's WBAI history lesson

7-4-01: Regarding negotiations with "PNB"

7-2-01: On Listener Empowerment

6-28-01: Letter to Gary Null

6-19-01: The tired and the banned

5-30-01: PNB historical context - a bald-faced lie

6-12-01: The free Pacifica movement and democratization

6-14-01: Regarding PNB resignations

6-9-01: N.A.H.B presence on Pacifica Board an outrage

6-6-01: Spamfest?

5-11-01: Boycott Pacifica!: An Open Letter

5-1-01: Confronting Race and Power Issues

4-27-01: Democratization

4-26-01: WMBR Co-News Director response to PNN

4-23-01: About the boycott

4-19-01: A Little bit of history

4-7-01: Re-post: Listener Letter to Eutrice

3-28-01: The Focus - part 2

3-26-01: The Focus

3-19-01: On the Pacifica Boycott

3-17-01: Regarding Local Advisory Board Elections

3-12-01: Audio of WBAI Talkback listener call

3-9-01: Major Owens Suggestion that BAI Become Independent

3-6-01: New Yorker's View of the World (rant)