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Pacifica National Board News and Information

interim Pacifica National Board Section (2002 - 2004)
Policies and Procedures Adopted by the PNB (2004)
PNB Committee Info


3-10-06: Greg Guma's report
3-10-06: HUAC comes to Pacifica again
3-6-06: Lisa Davis responds re racism charge
2-24-06: Lisa Davis mischaracterized Patty Heffley's remarks
1-28-06: WBAI iGM Indra Hardat's report to PNB
1-28-06: New ED Guma's remarks
1-26-06: Lisa Davis's accusations and responses
1-20-06: New ED?
9-23-05: PNB meeting agenda
8-2-05: NFC meeting notes
7-29-05: NFC meeting notes
7-21-05: NFC meeting notes
7-15-05: NFC meeting notes
4-20-05: Update on directors'inspection at WBAI
4-11-05: ED Coughlin resignation letter
3-31-05: Attempted inspection of WBAI documents
3-11-05: PNB NFC Meeting Notes
3-4-05: PNB NFC Meeting Notes
2-18-05: PNB NFC Meeting Notes
2-4-05: PNB NFC Meeting Notes
1-11-05: PNB NFC Meeting Notes
12-28-04: PNB NFC Meeting Notes
12-20-04: PNB Financial Transparency Resolutions
12-20-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
11-22-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
10-25-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
Oct. 1-3: PNB Resolutions From D.C. Meeting
Oct. 1-3: D.C. PNB Meeting Notes
Oct. 1-3: Regular Pacifica National Board Meeting
9-24-04: PNB Finance Committee Resolution on WBAI Budget
9-13-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
9-13-04: Affiliate Director Resigns
8-23-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
7-26-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
7-16-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
7-16-04: PNB Special Meeting Notice
6-22 & 7-2-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
June 4-6, 2004: Pacifica National Board Meeting Notes
June 4 - 6, 2004: PNB Houston Meeting info
5-26-04: PNB Special Meeting Notes
4-28-04: PNB Interim Information Request Policy
March 12-14: Pacifica National Board Meeting Notes
3-14-04: Brief Overview of Pacifica National Board Meeting
2-18-04: PNB Regular Meeting Motice
2-28-04: Pacifica CFO Financial Overview - Feb. 2004
2-19-04: Results of PNB director elections
2-20-04: Composition of Pacifica National Board
2-15-04: Pacifica Affiliate Candiates for Pacifica National Board
2-15-04: Pacifica Affilitates draft bylaws
2-18-04: Notice Of Regular Meeting Of Pacifica Foundation Board Of Directors March 12-14

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