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CF coordinating committee meeting minutes

Posted at: groups.yahoo.com/group/NewPacifica
From:  siddharta5@y...
Date:  Fri Oct 5, 2001  3:18 pm
Subject:  Minutes CFWBAI CC Meeting Oct. 1, 2001


Due to the large number of comments, I am reproducing the minutes of 
the CFCC 10/1 meeting.  The meeeting concluded some time around 10:30 
pm although I did not record such time.  Please note that the topic of 
 general meeting agenda (#2) was addressed before the lawyer's hiring 
topic (#3) and was referred to a subcommittee to finalize.  The issue 
of adding the topic in item #3 was raised but not directly addressed 
in the context of finalizing the agenda.  It is my personal view that 
stating that the CC intentionally wanted to hide the hiring of Mr. 
Lubell is absurd since a draft of the minutes was posted late on 
Tuesday night and was picked up by a good number of usual CC and CF 
detractors.  It is more appropriate to discuss how we should best use 
Mr. Lubell rather than try to have him removed because of the process. 
 Let's not throw the baby....

Minutes CFWBAI CC Meeting Oct. 1, 2001:

Location Charas El Bohio Community Center on East 9th Street, 

Meeting convened at 7:15 pm with total attendance of 21

1. Reports: 
    a) PNB update and issues by Leslie Cagan.  Details of 
recent telephone conference where 5 new members were selected. 
Executive session on Wednesday to discuss DN and Amy (personnel 
issue, no published agenda). PNB meeting on Oct. 27, 30-day prior 
announcement is not respected.
    b) Foundation is in bad financial shape.
    c) Bob Daughtry (sp?) new GM starts 10/1 but U. Leid still made 
program changes during the week end for Monday.
    d) Web sites have been closed.  General discussion on the assault 
of civil rights and free speech.
2. Thursday General Meeting Agenda Discussion:

Robert Knight guest speaker, facilitators Vajra and Arthur

Items:  Upcoming fund drive boycott, Peace movement/CF cordination,  
Pitch for funds (Ray will do), Next steps in campaign, Role of 
Pacifica in war context, Meeting theme (Pacifica as catalyst for 
activism?), Summary/Analysis of current situation, Community 
announcements.  An ad-hoc agenda committee will prioritize the 

MOTION: That there be a pitch to raise funds for CF in conjunction 
with a pitch to donate to help Robert Knight who is an unemployed 
banned producer.  People will be encouraged to donate for both causes 
in 2 separate receptacles.  Adopted 11-0-0.

3. Jonathan Lubell was introduced.  He is an attorney since 1958 
and a well known activist.  He is also involved in Media 
concentration issues and familiar with Pacifica.  He offered to serve 
CF pro-bono as counsel.

MOTION: That Concerned Friends authorize Jonathan Lubell to act as 
its pro-bono advisor and representative under terms to be determined 
by the Coordinating Committee (CC).  A subcommittee will develop the 
modalities and report back to the CC.  Adopted 14-1-1

Ad hoc legal liaison committee: Steve B., Andrea F., Mimi R., Rosalie 
H. and Susan L.

4. Fund raiser for lawsuits on October 17 at H. Winston Center

MOTION: That an advance of $250 be made for the event.  Adopted 

MOTION:  To honor $300 bond for Judson Memorial Church posted by 
Susan  L. Adopted 15-0-0

5. Boycott Strategy:  Brainstorming group formed and referred to 
Outreach/Action meeting Wednesday

6. Susan L. to post CC and Outreach/Action meetings for a month
7. Draft of response to Farrell "peace proposal" will be prepared 
and posted on the CC list serve for comments.  Final comments due 
Wednesday at 9pm.  Consolidated draft ready for General Meeting.

8. Not addressed due to lack of time: Coordination with peace 
movement, vigil coordination.

Addendum to Reports (#1):  Greg Craig has asked plaintiffs lawyers 
for postponement of trial date.  No decision yet.  CF may address by 
providing recommendation.

Respectfully submitted,

Fred Nguyen 10/5/01 3:04 pm EST

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