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WBAI Local Station Board Information

WBAI Local Station Board:     Hotline: 212 209-2919
Website: http://wbai.org/lsb

• All Local Station Board (LSB) committee meetings open to the public
  Go to events page for meeting info

wbai.org LSB section (meeting minutes etc): http://wbai.org/lsb
Archived WBAI Local Advisory Board section
LSB Member R.Paul Martin's Reports and Newsletters regarding the WBAI LSB


3-21-05: Search for new WBAI GM

3-21-05: WBAI LSB meeting notes

3-9-05: Suspension of Paul DiRienzo and WBAI LSB meeting notes
2-16-05: WBAI LSB meeting notes
10-24-04: Report on WBAI Town Hall Meeting
9-24-04: PNB Finance Committee Resolution on WBAI Budget
9-24-04: WBAI LSB Treasurer Report on WBAI Budget Process
9-13-04: Alternative WBAI FY05 Budget Suggestions
8-12-04: WBAI LSB Membership Waivers Resolution
6-25-04: LSB Program Network Roundup
4-25-04: KPFA Affirms Authority of It's Program Council
3-18-04: WBAI LSB Meeting Notes
2-19-04: Local Station Board officer election results
2-19-04: First WBAI Local Station Board Meeting - guidelines and other details
2-12-04: Pacifica-wide LSB composition chart
2-10-04: Analyses of WBAI LSB composition

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