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Things you can do 8-17-01

From: Bob Lederer ledererbob@usa.net


In the past three weeks, three more dissident producers (Robert 
Knight, Bob Lederer and Kathy Davis) have been removed from WBAI's 
air.  Amidst this escalating purge of progressive programming, 
Democracy Now! has faced an unrelenting campaign of harrassment by 
the Pacifica Board and Interim Station Manager Utrice Leid.  This 
includes moving Amy Goodman to a substandard studio, physically 
accosting her and assaulting her daily with derogatory remarks.

Since Tuesday when Amy moved to a safe location to produce the show, 
which she transmitted via specialized high-quality phone lines (a 
method used by two other daily programmers at WBAI), Pacifica has 
refused to pick up the feed and instead has played reruns.

  I.  Please commit to making one call per day for the next 5 days - 
Be polite but firm

1.  Call Steve Yasko, Pacifica's National Program Director, to 
express your concerns about his role in creating a hostile work 
environment for Amy Goodman, his accusation of "insubordination"  for 
her broadcasting  from another location, and his blocking of her live 
program this week.  Phone 202-841-1578

2.  Call, fax or email Bessie Wash, Pacifica's Executive Director. 
Wash stated on Gary Null's "investigation" of the Pacifica Crisis 
that it was her job to assure the safety of all Pacifica employees. 
Demand that she do so for ALL employees, including Amy Goodman. Phone 
202-588-0999  ext. 348; Fax 202-588-0561;  Email  bmwpacifica@aol.com

3.  Call majority Board Member Wendell Johns to have your concerns 
addressed.  Johns has consistently voted with the board majority to 
destroy the network's progressive nature.  Phone 202-752-5355

4.  Call the station on air whenever the lines open up.  Please be 
polite (it will buy you more time) and succinct -- they are likely to 
shut you off after the first sentence!  Quickly announce events, the 
hotline, the website, etc.   On Air: 212-209-2900

II.   Other Ways to Partake in the Struggle:

* Round-the-Clock Station Vigil - It's a very effective way of 
impacting hostile or neutral producers and giving heart to dissidents 
inside-plus it's lots of fun! If you can commit to at least a 2-hour 
shift, call the hotline at 800-825-0055 and press "5" to leave a 

* Protest in Washington - Tentative date  Thurs., Sept. 6, to oppose 
the efforts to pack the Pacifica board in a Sept. 12 conference call. 
We will protest at the Pacifica HQ and offices of key Board 
hijackers.  Help fill the buses by reaching  out to the listening 
community.  Call Janice  at 212-795-2808, call after 7pm.

* Organize Protests against Natl. Assn. of Home Builders - To oppose 
the anti-disabled-access  regulations proposed in NY State and expose 
Pacifica Board Vice Chair and NAHB manager Ken Ford. Call Ursula at 
the Pacifica Campaign, 646-230-9588

* Join the Speaker's Bureau - Speak with one or two others at 
progressive organizations/events about the Pacifica crisis. No 
experience necessary!  Call Rosalie at 212-799-3207

* Join the Leafletting Campaign (soon to expand to NJ)  They go out 
in groups of 3 to leaflet in key spots around the  city.  An 
extremely effective and fun way to expand our membership, create 
awareness , and obtain petition signatures.  Call Paul Surovell at 

* Phone Outreach - Email Debra at debra@wbaiaction.org if interested 
in reaching out to our members by phone.  This can be done from home.

* Civil Disobedience - Planning organized, nonviolent, dignified CD, 
no date set yet, to heighten the pressure on Pacifica management and 
board.  Contact John Riley at jr273@columbia.edu

* Open Letter Sign-On Campaign: Outreach to prominent individuals and 
political organizations to endorse an open letter to the Pacifica 
Board  (yet to be drafted) ,  hopefully to be published as a 
full-page ad in the NY Times.  Contact Bob Lederer  at 212-989-8222 
or ledererbob@usa.net.

* Transcribing Gary Null's programs on Pacifica  Email Debra at 

* Come to Action/Outreach Committee Meetings - Every Tuesday, 6:30pm. 
74 Trinity Place, north of Rector St., 2d floor, take the 1/9, N/R 
trains to Rector St.

Concerned Friends of WBAI - Outreach/Action Committee
Keep up with events through the Concerned Friends hotline 
800-825-0055 and tune in to www.WBIX.org for ongoing coverage of the 
WBAI crisis, or check the sites www.wbaiaction.org, 
www.pacificacampaign.org or www.wbai.net.

You can subscribe to the Save WBAI email list at www.wbaiaction.org 
(less than 20 emails/week)

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