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Weds. 2-14-01 10:00am: Democracy Now! censored at WBAI, NY

This morning at the end of Democracy Now! Amy Goodman's microphone was cut off while she was signing off with "...from the studios of the fired and the banned ..." as she has been doing since the recent "Christmas coup."

The board-operator was cool enough to get a mike back on so that you could hear loud arguing. At one point a male voice yelled , "what are you doing?!!" My impression is that it was directed at who ever had cut Amy off.

The mike cut in and out as Amy attempted to finish her sign off. Then music came on. Two different songs appropriate to the WBAI crisis were cut off. The first voice to come back on was interim station manager Utrice Leid. She was laughing and launched into some ridiculous fundraising garbage.

I got down to 120 Wall Street by 10:30am and all appeared calm outside and in the lobby.

Roger M, NYC butt19@yahoo.com
(one of the contributors to this site)

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From: Robert Whelan rwhelan@a...
Date: Wed Feb 14, 2001
Subject: Altercation at the end of DEMOCRACY NOW.

Someone left the microphone on at the end of DEMOCRACY NOW, and a nasty angry bullying male voice could be heard yelling at the Democracy Now crew, "When your time is up you have to get out of here".

The contrast between the nastiness of the behavior off mike, vs. the smiling phoniness that followed (after some "sexy soul" music) was instuctive.

Anyone taped this? Can get a transcript of what got out over the air? Can anyone identify the angry black male voice? Was it security or the incoming host?

From: acammarata@e...
Date: Wed Feb 14, 2001
Subject: Re: Altercation at the end of DEMOCRACY NOW.

Yes, Amy got cut off in the middle of her signoff "from the embattled studios of WBAI, from the studios of the banned and the fired...mic cut off I suspect

then you could hear the altercation as she came back to finish...from the studios of our listeners."

I could hear Anthony defending the board and Utrice saying "Just a minute, just a minute, but I can't identify the bullying male voice...possibly whoever is engineering for Utrice right now...

The sounds of that scuffle for control going out over the air, then the smarmy music, then Utrice coming on to lecture us about "relationships"...too much. I only hope it went out nationally.