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Bob Fass gets Amy back on the air at WBAI

Thursday/Friday, Sept., 6/ 7

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (which has been banned from Pacifica airwaves) spoke frankly to a full house at tonight's general meeting of the Concerned Friends of WBAI. People who haven't had the benefit of following recent events over the internet gasped at accounts of Amy's and other's treatment at the hands of the current so-called Pacifica and WBAI management and staff and other various goings on. It was a stark account of the harsh reality of the nearly surreal degree of misconduct that is reality at Pacifica and WBAI.

Even more stunning was to hear a high quality, uncensored recording of Amy's speech on WBAI only a few hours later!! Bob Fass played the tape on his program "Radio Unnamable" and then took listener phone calls. No holds barred.

Audio archive link will be posted here upon availability.

AND THEN...Democracy Now!(in exile) program broadcast earlier in the week around the country starts up at 03:30 on Anthony Sloan's show!!
Welcome home Amy.

Roger M, NYC
editor at wbai.net

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