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send flowers 6-6-01

Dear All,

Amy Goodman is under the most intense pressure imaginable. She is harassed on an almost daily basis by the Pacifica management and is continually publicly and privately disparaged by the WBAI management and its supporters. Disparagement of Amy appears to be a prerequisite for rising in the new regime at WBAI.

Therefore, we are calling on everyone who can, to send a bouquet of flowers to Amy. This will really cheer her up, and let her tormentors know that there are people out here who support Amy and who deplore the way she is being treated.

We don't want to advertise any particular flower service, so take a look at the yellow pages. You might want to instruct the delivery service to give them directly to her (so that they in fact reach her). I believe it is possible to request a particular delivery time. If so, you'd want to make it for after 10 am Eastern Time, so as not to interfere with an already very stressful (thanks to WBAI management) broadcast situation.

Suggestion: The bouquet need not be fancy, it's the thought that counts. Flowers can be quite pricey, so folk might want to take up a collection at work or school and send a bouquet collectively.

The delivery address is:

Amy Goodman
c/o WBAI
120 Wall Street
10th floor
New York, NY 10005


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