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Mayhem on Democracy Now!

Monday, January, 1-7-02

Michael Moore is on Democracy now! (on wbix.org) interviewing Fred the receptionist at WBAI where, without explanation, DN is not being aired, and now the Public affairs director Djabel Faye is on who says they received no "memo" from "Pacifica" although they received one from Leslie Cagan (the chairman of Pacific!). Leslie, who is also on DN states that the Pacifica "executive director" DID contact all the stations and there was ample communication about airing the show. Dick Gregory and Juan Gonzales joins the program and Jabel is quite beligernent stating, "is this a meeting? Then you all come you should come to the station..." Well, we'll be there on Tuesday at 6:30pm for a LAB meeting!

Noam Chomsky comes on and talks about the media and the "so called war on terrorism."

Quite a roster of guests! All the Pacifica stations except WBAI are airing the program. Meanwhile Clayton Riley polutes the airwaves with drivel.

Roger M

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