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Tune in Kpfa Weds., 8pm e.t./ Call Yasko at home
covers situation at Democracy Now! and Pacifica

KPFA Radio's Flashpoints program with Dennis Bernstein tomorrow, Wednesday 8/21/01, will be a special report on the future of Democracy Now! and Pacifica, given the current crisis. As you know, Amy Goodman and the crew of Democracy Now! have been suspended without pay after refusing to produce their show at WBAI, which they consider an unsafe environment given the harrassment from Utrice Leid and others. Democracy Now! has been produced at a different site (an arrangement accepted by WBAI and Pacifica for other programs), and continues to air on KPFA (Pacifica's Berkeley, CA station) and a few other non-Pacifica-owned stations, but re-runs are being carried on Pacifica's satellite feed and its other four stations.

Flashpoints is aired at 5 p.m. Pacific time (8 p.m. Eastern Time), for one hour. KPFA can be heard over the Internet via RealAudio or MP3, at:


Steve Yasko purports to be Pacifica's National Programming Director. In his year at Pacifica, he has managed to:

- continually harass Amy Goodman in an especially mean-spirited, vindictive and sexist manner

- continue the destruction of the Pacifica Network News.

- Attempt to undermine Democracy Now! (denial of funds to travel to Quebec for the FTAA protests, (failed) attempts to impose unqualified producers, refusal to even respond to DN! staff notices of constant harrassmaent and intimidation at WBAI, openly yelling at Amy Goodman in public - "I am your boss! I am your boss!")

- Claims to be responsible for The Nation's latest attempt to inflict some its lacklustre talent on Pacifica listeners nationally, via "The David Corn Show"... a crude knock off of Democracy Now! at best.

Call Steve at home and tell him to reinstate Democracy Now! staff immediately and then to resign - for the good of Pacifica and the good of his own imploding reputation.

Home: 410-519-3067
cell: 202-841-1578


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