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6 "Pacifica" National board members try to restore Demoacracy Now!

( posts from the email list at: groups.yahoo.com/group/NewPacifica )

From: Gary Evans gde@w...
Date: Wed Aug 29, 2001 8:49 pm
Subject: 6 members of PNB demand reinstatement of DN!

Just announced on Flashpoints - KPFA: 6 members of the PNB have ordered (on an immediate basis) Bessie Wash to reinstate DN!, and to return the signal to satellite distribution. Valrie Chambers was the 6th PNB member to vote for the demand.

Gary Evans

From: "Slash.." Slasher_@p...
Date: Wed Aug 29, 2001 8:14 pm
Subject: Datline WBIX: Valrie Chambers Signs on Directing Bessie Wash to reinstate DN staff and
broadcasts IN EXILE !

Great News Folks,

Mimi Rosenburg and Amy Goodman just reported on WBIX that Valrie Chambers has signed on with the dissidents making a majority to a letter "dierecting" Bessie Wash to reinstate Amy Goodman and the DN crew and to reinstate the broadcasting of DN as a live production from the off site location. IN EXILE

ANOTHER VITORY! Thanks to the efforts of Houstonians and the Pacifica Campaign we have a changing dynamic.

Thanks to Valrie too and the others too.....uh I guess, of course resigning from the board is still a mandatory step for them but it's a good thing that they all stuck up for Amy.

Praise "Bob"

Michael Pimental

From: Mark Hernandez markh@r...
Date: Wed Aug 29, 2001 9:40 pm
Subject: Re: [NewPacifica] Datline WBIX: Valrie Chambers Signs on Directing Bessie Wash to
reinstate DN staff and broadcasts IN EXILE !

Before the hurrahs go out, Bessie Wash does not answer to the PNB when it is not in session.

She answers to Ken Ford...assuming she answers to anyone.

Unless the PNB meets, Bessie gal can do what she wants...and if the PNB meets, they can appoint new members.

And all dear sweet Valrie did was "create an emergency" by making this a majority, which now gives the PNB the ability to call an "emergency session" under the court's guidelines.

Never take the first statements as "good news"...there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

From www.savepacifica.net

National Board votes by slim margin to support Democracy Now!

September 2, 2001: There has been a tremendous breakthrough in the Pacifica struggle -- one member of the Board majority, Valrie Chambers has switched sides, for the moment, to defend Democracy Now!

As you know, Pacifica has refused to distribute new "Democracy Now!" programs since August 14, when Amy Goodman and her crew moved to a location outside of Pacifica's WBAI Radio in New York because of threats and violence directed at the "Democracy Now!" crew by other WBAI staff. Pacifica suspended the "Democracy Now!" staff without pay, and has been airing reruns of "Democracy Now!" with headlines inserted by Feature Story News (FSN), a non-union service that counts among its other clients the U.S. government's Voice of America propaganda service and the rightward-tilting Fox News. (The headline segment is produced at FSN's facilities, though the newscaster falsely claims to be speaking "from the Pacifica newsroom.")

In the middle of last week, the ground shook. A majority of the Pacifica National Board -- 6 of the 11 members -- signed a letter directing Executive Director Bessie Wash to reinstate the "Democracy Now!" crew, with pay, and to begin carrying the new daily programs from the "DN!" team. (It remains to be seen whether Ms. Wash will obey this directive from a majority of her board.)

The letter was signed, of course, by the five "dissident" Pacifica Board members (Pete Bramson, Leslie Cagan, Aaron Kriegel, Tomas Moran, and Rob Robinson).

What's new is that it was also signed by Valrie Chambers, who until now has sided with the majority that has hijacked Pacifica. Ms. Chambers, in fact, is described as strongly backing this initiative.

Ms. Chambers no doubt is under severe pressure to "return to the fold" of the Board majority. She needs our support to continue acting independent of them.

Should you wish to send Valrie Chambers a brief letter thanking her for supporting "Democracy Now!" and encouraging her to support the progressive voices at the network on other matters as well, her address is: Valrie.Chambers@mail.tamucc.edu (Note the spelling, Valrie, has just one "e") or see www.progessiveportal.org .


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