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NYC Leafletting and vigil info 8-30-01

From: Paul4sure@aol.com
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 17:06:09 EDT
Subject: Upcoming CF Leafletting and Vigil Events
To: ledererbob@usa.net

Upcoming Concerned Friends Leafletting and Vigil Events

(1) Leafletting at the West Indian Parade on Monday September 3rd.

I will be happy to organize a team of leafletters for the West Indian Parade. WBIX plans to broadcast all day from a site (not yet determined) on the parade route. We will meet at the WBIX site and leaflet in the vicinity. I shall inquire whether we can also set up a table with buttons, tee-shirts, tabloids etc.

We shall distribute "Save WBAI" and "National Rally" (Sept 12) flyers and circulate petitions for the NY City Council resolution and the Listener Lawsuit.

I will try to schedule people in shifts to make sure we've got the whole day covered.

Anyone interested should contact me at 973-763-9493.

(2) Weekday Vigils.

Starting next week (when I return to teaching) I will be organizing vigils from 4:30 to 5:30 on weekdays at board member sites or at the station, depending on which has the greatest priority.

People interested should call me at 973-763-9493

(3) Weekend Leafletting

The ongoing weekend leafletting will continue into the fall. We need some additional callers as well as leafletters to expand our outreach.

People interested should call me at 973-763-9493

-- Paul Surovell

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