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Pacifica LSB Candidates 2004

TO: Pacifica Community
FROM: Kenny Mostern, National Election Supervisor, Pacifica Foundation RE: Candidates for Election
DATE: September 29, 2004

The following is the complete list of candidates who will appear on the ballots of the five Pacifica Foundation Radio Stations in the November 15, 2004 Foundation Election. All have been certified by the Local Election Supervisors at their radio stations. The certification process was:

Verification that the candidate is a member of the Foundation Verification that the candidate has turned in all required paperwork, according to the checklist distributed with the nomination packets Verification that all signatories of the candidate’s nomination petition are members of the Pacifica Foundation

The Local Election Supervisors who have completed this certification process are: Brian Johns, KPFA, Berkeley Mary Rosendale, KPFK, Los Angeles Bobby Muldoon, KPFT, Houston Caleb Kleppner, WBAI, New York (with the assistance of Teri Graham) Angela Lauria, WPFW, Washington

At each station, there will be nine listener-sponsor members, and three staff members, elected to the Foundation Local Station Boards.

About the order in which candidate names appear Candidate names appear in alphabetical order. The letter that begins each list was chosen at random by members of the KPFA Local Election Committee at the start of their meeting of Tuesday, September 28. Kenny Mostern, Pacifica National Election Supervisor, was present and witnessed the selection.

1. KPFA Listener-Sponsor Election (19)
Joe Wanzala
LaVarn Williams
Stan Woods
Aaron R.M. Aarons
Tom Blanks
Steve Conley
Ted Friedman
Sherry Gendelman
Chandra Hauptman
Annie Hallat
Mark Hernandez
Jane Jackson
Michael Lubin
Yasuo Monno
Attila A. Nagy
Rosalinda Palacios
Richard Phelps
Gerald Sanders
Willie C. Thompson

2. KPFA Staff Election (5)
Eric Park
Mary Berg
Solange Echeverria
Brian Edwards-Tiekert
Miguel Gavilan Molina

3. KPFK Listener-Sponsor Election (25)
Bill Gallegos
Terry Goodman
Learner Goude
Roberto Haraldson
Effrom Harrison
Kimberly King
Casey McFall
Philip Osborn
Jerry D. Pierson
Reza Pour
Leslie Radford
Rafael Renteria
Lawrence Reyes
Aquilina Soriano
Harrison Weil
Lamont Yeakey
Grace Aaron
Douglas Barnett
Jean Boenish
Lydia Brazon
Joaquin Calderon
Wendy Campbell
Bella De Soto
Israel Feuer
Francisco Flores

4. KPFK Staff Election (5)
Arturo Lemus
Margaret Prescod
Fernando Velzasquez
Rodrigo Argueta
Maria Armoudian

5. KPFT Listener-Sponsor Election (23)
Sandra D. Rawline
Deborah Shafto
Jim Stotts
Brian Swain
C. Lee Taylor
George Tennant, Jr.
Richard Uzzell
Jamal Assad
Evelyn Serwa Bethune
Al Delaney
Mary Dennis
Yolanda Garza Birdwell
Robert Graham
King Grossman
J. Adam Jefferson
Ngozi Kamau
M. Page Keller
Ester L. King
Adnan Lakhani
Darryl Lauster
Don Mack
Sims McCutchan
Earl McDonald

6. KPFT Staff Election (6) George Reiter
Sandy Weinmann
Michael Woodson
Aminah Al Zahir
Sonja Elise Freeman
Phil Jackson

7. WBAI Listener-Sponsor Election (25*)
Paul Zulkowitz
Rolando Bini
Marian Borenstein
Omowale Clay *
Mitchel Cohen
Lisa V. Davis
Sharon T. Davis
Andrea Fishman
Sara Flounders
David S. Goldman
Cheryl Ife Griffin
Patty Heffley
Harry Lichtenstein
Patricia Logan
Ed Marshall
Nicholas S. Martielli
Luanne Pennesi
Robert Owens
Berthold Reimers
James Ross
Alice Shields
Berta Silva *
Alex Steinberg
Shohreh Tehrani
Evan Tobias
The two candidates whose names appear with asterisks are not yet certified, but the Local Election Supervisor believes that they are likely to be certified. Their names will be printed on the ballot. If either or both are disqualified, their votes will not be counted.

8. WBAI Staff Election (8)
Margareth Dominique
Ibrahim Gonzalez
Dred Scott Keyes
Vajra Kilgour
Roger Manning
R. Paul Martin
Cerene Roberts
Aroni Saunderson-El

9. WPFW Listener-Sponsor Election (13)
Thomas Ruffin, Jr.
Zarinah Shakir
Amanda Sweet
Gloria Turner
Carol Wolfe
Alan Barysh
Cade Campbell
Joseph "Joe" Chiara
C. Jane Gatewood
Ayo Handy Kendi
Luzette King
Mustafa Amsal Laskar
Alicia Milla

10. WPFW Staff Election (4)
Hakam Takash
Joni Eisenberg
Donnie McKeethan
Steve Hoffman

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