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Appointment of WBAI's local election coordinator

From: David Greene
Date: Fri Jun 13, 2003 10:00 am
Subject: Appointment of WBAI's local election coordinator

Please repost widely:

I'm pleased to announce the following appointment of WBAI's local election coordinator:

Joy Williams will coordinate the elections at WBAI. Joy is currently the Democracy Program Associate at Demos, a NYC-based group working on democracy reform nationwide. Apart from her extensive administrative experience, Joy brings a rich background in activism and cause-related work. While a student at Hofstra University she worked with the Diaspora Cultural Center, served as Community Director of the African People's Organization, and coordinated participation in the Million Woman March in 1997. Joy has worked on a number of political campaigns serves on the board of a number of youth organizations and currently serves as the President of Brooklyn Young Democrats.

Please join me in welcoming Joy and offering your support for this effort. She can be reached at joywilliams@att.net or 347-724-3315.

-David Greene [ Pacifica national elections coordinator ]

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