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KPFA Local Advisory Board Elections Results
Wowee Zowee!!!


This election should be called what it is. A miracle!!!

Considering the anti-listener sentiment that pervades the Pacifica Network, having an election in the Pacifica climate is similar to the People rising up in some ravaged developing nation and saying "WE WANT DEMOCRACY!!" Do not fool yourselves into thinking this is going to be easy at the other four stations. There is resistance everywhere.

Power concedes nothing without a fight and most who have power now or want it back don't want direct democratic elections. It will be a struggle for democracy and a voice by the listeners. The fight begins now.

After all this, there is much more to be done......



email from John Sheridan
Posted to WBAIelections@yahoogroups.com

Congratulations to the winners, and to all candidates for completing a Succesful second election for the Listener Representatives to the KPFA Local Advisory Board.

(Results are unofficial until the LAB approves them at their next meeting in January 2001)

2001 KPFA LAB Election results:

Elected to new terms:

Sherry Gendelman
Fadi Saba
Curt Gray
Willie Ratcliff
Gail Blasie
Susan da Silva
Shiu Hung

4332 votes were counted (erroneously reported as 4241 last night due to calculating error)

29,578 ballots mailed out, or an approximately 15% return.

648 ballots cast by Internet, 3684 returned by mail.

The diversity requirement was enacted for both ethnicity and gender, resulting in the seating of Susan da Silva and Shiu Hung.

The top three runners-up are, in order: Ted Friedman, Jim Ferrigno, and Chandra Hauptman.

Election count records will be posted on the KPFA LAB website shortly.

Thanks to all volunteers who helped count over the past two days! Special thanks to Steve Willett, Lisa Ballard, and Phil Osegueda for smoothing out final logistics.

Finally, none of this would have happened without the camaraderie & persistence of the core LAB Election Committee volunteers: John Sheridan, Deborah Gomez, Mary Berg, Chandra Hauptman, Ted Friedman, Nicole Milner, Max Blanchet, and Caleb Kleppner. Thank them when you see them!

David Greene

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