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Pacifica elections Late Ballot Procedure

Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 09:21:28 -0500
From: Dan Coughlin danc@pacifica.org
Subject: Late Ballot Procedure -- Please post

Please post on all network web sites. Thanks. Dan



The Pacifica Foundation is making every effort to distribute ballots to all members eligible to vote is providing this procedure for individuals who believe they should have received ballots, but did not.

If you think you are a member eligible to vote in your station's Local Station Board election, and should have received a ballot but did not as of January 13, 2004, send your claim to the assistant to the National Elections Supervisor at the Pacifica Foundation National Office at this address:

Pacifica Foundation Elections
1925 Martin Luther King Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

or by email to: ballot@pacifica.org

To allow for researching, verifying, and processing your claim and mailing you a ballot in time, along with your name and current mailing address, your claim should include whatever supporting information you have. This supporting information could include,

* any variant of your name, or old mailing address that you think you may be listed under in the station's data base,

* a copy of your credit card statement, bank statement, or cancelled check that shows you personally contributed at least $25 between November 21, 2002 and November 21, 2003,

* or if you think your membership status is based on your volunteer labor, evidence of your volunteer time and name and contact information of the station management or staff who supervised you and might be able to confirm your volunteer labor.

You should submit your claim as soon after January 13 as possible, and no later than January 20, 2004.

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