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National elections coordinator
appoints local station area coordinators

[From David Greene, Pacifica National Elections Coordinator]


I'd like to announce the following local election coordinator appointments:

In KPFT/Houston, Dennis Fetters will lead the effort. Dennis was identified after the KPFT LAB conducted a months-long search under the direction of LAB member Robin Lewis and recommended Dennis. Dennis's qualifications include his past experience as Precinct judge and long-standing committment to KPFT and enthusiasm for using the upcoming election to expand KPFT's message through Town Hall meetings.

In WPFW/DC, Rashad Robinson of the Center for Voting and Democracy (CVD) will be leading the effort. The DC-based CVD is the nation's leading advocate for PR systems, and has generously given its time & support to KPFA's past two elections. Rashad has a strong history of organizing and has dynamically led CVD's field campaign on proportional representation - some WBAI listeners may recall meeting him in NY at a past event discussing elections at Pacifica.

In KPFK/LA, I've worked with LAB chair Lydia Brazon to identify a coordinator, and Casey Peters has agreed to lead the process. Casey has advised KPFK's LAB in past elections, and is also affiliated with CVD and its California sister organization CfER as a tireless organizer around election reform issues.

Please join me in congratulating (and thanking!) Casey, Rashad, and Dennis for taking this step. They will rely on your continued support to help make the elections successful.

I'm currently serving as local coordinator for KPFA but expect to have a replacement identified in the coming weeks.

Finally, I'm working with Janice K. Bryant and other WBAI listeners to identify a coordinator there, and hope to have a final decision very soon.

People should expect to hear announcements in the different station areas in the coming days/weeks as the coordinators begin the organizing process. While the organizing is beginning now, a final election schedule will not be possible until the bylaws have been approved.

David Greene

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