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New WBAI Election Supervisor

RE: Caleb Kleppner to be WBAI Local Election Supervisor

DATE: August 26, 2004

Caleb Kleppner will become the WBAI Local Election Supervisor as of Tuesday, September 7, 2004. On that date Theresa Graham, who currently holds that position, will become Local Election Administrator of the WBAI Election.

Kleppner spent five years as Senior Analyst at the Center for Voting and Democracy, educating and advocating for fair elections, public and private. During this time he researched and wrote about all aspects of election administration. His comments to the Federal Election Commission were incorporated in the final Voting System Standards in 2002, and have also appeared in the plans of many states for implementation of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). Kleppner wrote San Franciscošs Ranked Choice Voting Charter Amendment, and has worked with state and federal officials for the last two years to implement this system.

Kleppner has been involved in Pacifica Foundation Elections since 1999. He was the architect for the 2000 and 2001 KPFA elections that served as a model for the national elections, and he also consulted with the Pacifica Foundation on the 2003 election

He is currently an Election Consultant in private practice in New Haven, Connecticut.

Now that there are two individuals working on the WBAI Elections, their roles will be as follows:

Kleppner: Certification of the accuracy of voter lists; enforcement of Fair Campaign Provisions; election oversight in general.

Graham: Distribution of election materials such as nomination packets and candidate statements; administration of materials on the WBAI election website; certification of nomination papers; overseeing the ballot counting; other administrative tasks.

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