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WBAI/Pacifica Elections Overview and Timeline

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Nominations for candidates open July 25, 2004
Deadline for voters to qualify to vote August 31, 2004
Nominations for candidates close September 25, 2004
Campaign period September 25, 2004 – November 15, 2004
Ballots mailed to qualified voters October 15, 2004
Completed ballots returned by voters November 15, 2004
New LSB members seated December 2004


The Pacifica Foundation will hold an election to seat 12 delegates to 3-year terms on the Local Station Boards of each of the Foundation's five radio stations. There will be separate but parallel elections for both Listener and Staff Delegates to the Local Station Boards.

One function of the board is to see that the needs of the station and the community are being met, from programming to budgets. A second function is to report on and represent the station to the Pacifica National Governing Board through appointed representatives.

With these duties in mind, Board Delegates are elected for a number of reasons:

To set a model of accountability for the National Board; To strengthen the legitimacy of the Local Station Boards; To bring diverse, grassroots voices from the community into the dialogue between the community and the station. There are two ways to qualify to vote as a “Listener-Sponsor Member”:

SUBSCRIBER: Contribute at least $25 to a Foundation Radio Station in the year between September 1, 2003 - August 31, 2004

VOLUNTEER: Complete 3 or more verifiable volunteer hours at a Foundation Radio Station during the same period. There are three ways to qualify to vote as a “Staff Member”:

PAID STAFF: non-management full-time or part-time paid employees of a Foundation radio station; or MEMBER OF AN UNPAID STAFF ORGANIZATION: any member of a Foundation radio station “Unpaid Staff Organization” or “Unpaid Staff Collective Bargaining Unit” which has been recognized by station management; or

UNPAID STAFF: if the station has neither such organization or bargaining unit, then any volunteer or unpaid staff member of a Foundation radio station who has worked for said radio station at least 30 hours in the preceding 3 months, exclusive of fundraising marathon telephone room volunteer time, under the supervision of the Foundation radio station management and not including volunteer work on committees of a Local Station Board. Nominations will be accepted through September 25, 2004. Candidates must be qualified voters and submit Nominating Petitions with 15 signatures of qualified voters in support of the candidate. From now until the close of the nomination period, the Election Supervisor and Election Committee will hold regional nomination events where candidates and voters can meet and sign petitions.

To facilitate the gathering of petition signatures, note that you may submit a statement of up to 500 words immediately, which will be posted on the Foundation Radio Station's election web site for listeners to browse, contact you with questions, or offer to sign your petition. This statement can later become your candidate statement if you run, or you may submit a revised statement for distribution with the ballots.

We'll post candidate data on-line and after the nomination process is complete, host on-air candidate forums. Qualified Voters will receive their ballots in the mail during the last half of October 2004. Completed ballots will be due by November 15, 2004.

There are 9 listener seats and 3 staff seats being chosen for each of the five Local Station Boards during this election. An entire Local Station Board consists of 18 listener delegates as well as 6 staff delegates.

Pacifica's mission and principles require that we strive to achieve diversity on the Station Board, and voters are urged to consider that in casting their votes.

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