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Pacifica Elections Rules

From: http://pacifica.org/elections/electionRules.html


1. Fair Campaign Provisions Extended to the Internet - Adopted 9/18/2003

Website endorsements: All members and programmers that maintain a website utilizing Pacifica or station logos or call letters and/or references to their own Pacifica or station programming that could be mistaken for an official web site, are subject to and shall be bound by these rules:

a. Endorsements of candidates on such web sites are not permitted. Any such Website reference to a specific candidate or slate of candidates is not permitted, either explicitly or via hyperlink to another web-page. This directive includes all programmer Websites linked through official station web sites. Any web site may generically encourage voting and contain links to official election web sites.
b. Endorsement emails (web-based & list serve) using private email lists not from station or Pacifica sources are permitted.
c. Email endorsements shall be fact based, and contain no personal attacks
2. Fair Campaign Provisions Extended to All Station Resources - Adopted 9/21/2003

No station resources, including, but not limited to, services, and meeting space may be provided to some candidates but not equally to all candidates.

3. When Fair Campaign Provisions Begin - Adopted 10/7/2003

A listener member will be deemed a candidate (subject to the fair campaign provisions) once the individual has submitted his or her petition signatures to the Local Election Supervisor. The Local Election Supervisor will provide the General Manager, and post on the elections web site, a list of all Listener-Sponsor Delegate Candidates. Staff will be expected to check this list before scheduling any guests, or participating in a call-in show, etc. in order to assure compliance with the fair campaign provisions.

4. Staff and management are prohibited from endorsing prospective candidates as well as candidates - Adopted 10/7/2003, revised 10/9/2003

Pacifica and station staff and management are prohibited from making endorsements on the air, or on any Pacifica or station-identified web site, or at any other Pacifica controlled venue or facility, of either prospective candidates before the nomination deadline, or actual candidates after the nominations are closed.

5. Listener-organized meeting announcements - Adopted 10/10/2003

Any listeners may organize community meetings to bring together listeners and prospective candidates for the purpose of learning about prospective candidates and collecting petition signatures. Any such events may be announced equally on-air provided they have been approved by the Local Election Supervisor, are open to any listener, are in a handicap-accessible location, do not endorse any candidates, and do not raise money for any candidates, or promote events to raise money for any candidates.

6. Candidate Statement Guidelines - Adopted 11/19/2003

Information about candidates and Candidate Statements included in the ballot mailing will follow these guidelines:

1. FORMAT: Candidates are strongly encouraged to submit their candidate statements in an electronic format, if possible, to avoid the need to re-type statements, with the risk of typographic errors. The computer format must be one that can be opened by the Election Supervisors (.txt, .rtf, MS WORD .doc)
2. DEADLINE: Some form of candidate statement must be received by the Local Election Supervisor no later than December 5, 2003. However, up until the time that the Local Election Supervisor must submit the final copy for printing preparation, candidates may submit revised versions of their statement. Although it is anticipated that the final revision deadline will be a few days after the close of nominations, there is no guarantee that this final revision date will be later than December 5. Any candidate who asks, will be notified by the Local Election Supervisor of the revision-deadline once it is established. If any revisions are accepted after December 5, they must be in an electronic format that can be opened by the Election Supervisors (.txt, .rtf, MS WORD .doc).
3. NAME: In the candidate information booklet mailed with the ballot, the candidate's name will appear above the candidate's statement. The name as printed may not contain "message" nicknames (like Jesse "the body" Ventura).
4. NAME ONLY: No other information will appear above or below the candidate's statement (no reference to town of residence, gender, race, ethnicity, occupation, slate, etc.). A candidate who wishes to provide such information must insert it into the candidate statement itself.
5. FIRST 50 WORDS: The full candidate statement (up to 500 words) will be included, but the first fifty (50) words of each statement will be printed in a larger and/or bolder font, to facilitate voters' ability to get an overview understanding of a large number of candidates. Candidates are encouraged to write (or re-write) their statements with this in mind, and to highlight themes or qualifications, etc. they want to make sure voters are aware of in this fifty-word opening section.
6. CONTACT INFO: Candidates who wish to include contact information (such as phone, email or web addresses) may do so. This contact information will count towards the 500-word maximum. Candidates are requested to locate such information near the end of their statement.
7. NOMINATORS: The Bylaws allow the statement to list a maximum of five of the candidate's nominators (petition signers) at the end of the statement. Any such names will count towards the 500-word maximum.
8. LIES: As a general rule, candidate statements will not be subject to any editing by election supervisors. However, to allow for a fair election, candidates are encouraged to be scrupulously truthful in their statements. The Local Election Supervisors are not required to make special efforts to "fact-check" candidate statements, but if presented with compelling evidence of lies or factual errors in a candidate statement, after notifying the candidate and providing opportunity for response, any statements that the Local Election Supervisor concludes contain falsehoods, may have those lies stricken, or noted as factually incorrect as an edit comment when printed.
9. PHOTOS: Candidate photographs might be included in a station's ballot mailing. At the discretion of the National and Local Election Supervisors, photographs may be included along with the candidate statement. Photographs may only be printed in the ballot mailing if the Election Supervisor conclude that there is a reasonable opportunity for all candidates who wish to use one, to have one. This means giving candidates the opportunity of submitting photographic prints that will be scanned into a digital image, or inviting candidates to submit a high-resolution digital photograph, or making an appointment with a photographer designated by the Local Election Supervisor to have a photograph take at a central location such as at the station. No candidate will be required to have a photograph included with their statement in the ballot mailing, even if other candidates are using photos. If photographs are allowed, as printed they will include no more than head and shoulders, and will likely be around 1.5 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide (though submitted print photographic prints should ideally be much larger, so that they can have adequate resolution when reduced to the final size.)

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