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Pacifica Local Election Supervisors Appointed

From: http://pacifica.org/news/040722_ElectionSupervisorsAppointed.html


July 22, 2004
Pacifica Radio Release

BERKELEY, (July 22) -- Pacifica National Election Supervisor Kenny Mostern has appointed the following individuals as the new local election supervisors:

Theresa Graham (New York) has spent more than 20 years as an Editor, Grants Administrator, and Researcher. Recently she has been a Fundraiser for the National Center for Learning Disabilities and Executive Director of the Jane Addams Peace Association.

Brian Johns (Berkeley) has spent 20 years as a journalist and public relations consultant, working with Jewish Family and Childrenšs Services, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, The Recycling Group, Children Now, East Bay Municipal Utility District, the University of California, Berkeley, Black Diaspora Magazine, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Angela Lauria (Washington) is now finishing her Ph.D. in Communications at George Washington University and the European Graduate School for Media and Communications. Since 1994, she has run Nimble Cricket Consulting, which specializes in marketing, development and event production for small businesses.

Bobby Muldoon (Houston) is an Administrator and General Manager recently returned to Houston after 17 years in Nashville. He administered tenure decisions at Vanderbilt University as well as managing several automobile related businesses.

Mary Rosendale (Los Angeles) is a Personal Coach and Mediator currently writing The Constructed Life. She is Community representative for Face the World, a nonprofit Foundation.

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