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Request to iPNB for strong support for elections resolution

From: http://wbai.org

Official Election Supervisor Announcement #3
Write-in votes will be allowed in the Pacifica LSB elections.

There is no mention of write-in votes in the Bylaws (neither allowing norprohibiting them). We must therefore turn to Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, which the Bylaws make the default rules on any matter not specifically covered in the Bylaws themselves. In the current edition (edition 10) in Chapter XIV on page 416, Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised states that "Strictly speaking, nominations are not necessary when an election is by ballot or roll call, since each member is free to vote for any eligible person, whether he has been nominated or not." On page 427 it also makes reference to members having the right during a ballot election to cast "write-in votes."

Therefore the National Election Supervisor, Terry Bouricius has determined that write-in votes should be recorded, but that such votes should only be tallied if it can be determined that the individual is eligible to serve as a Delegate (being a member in good standing as of the Record Date, November 21, 2003). Thus a write-in for Mickey Mouse, or George W. Bush, would not be valid.

[Joy Williams, WBAI Elections Supervisor]

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