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From: Mark Hernandez markh@r...
Date: Sun Oct 7, 2001 3:06 am
Subject: Re: [NewPacifica] Re: Please meddle in L.A. affairs!

What's bothersome is that I think that this is about the third time that I've posted this sort of explanation.

Unfortunately, there are always those who refuse to accept reality because it interferes in their most fervent and passionate belief system....however wrong that may be.

It's what I see creeping into the struggle again and again, and why I keep pointing out that we need to do _two_ and only _two_ things:

1) Kick out the present PNB.
2) Restore the by-laws to pre-1993.
Everything else is secondary; goals, desires, ambitions, factions, manifestos, lists of demands, statements and conditional agreements all mean nothing.

Unless we achieve the two goals, nothing else matters...and this "localist" attitude will keep us from achieving those two goals as much as "demands" or "points" have done already.

Mark Hernandez markh@r...
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