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Put it on the radio!

From: Mary Delano
Date: Sun Apr 28, 2002 10:14 am
Subject: WHY DONT "many people understand the seriousness of whats going on at Pacifica????????"

Dear Carol, Steve and Everyone else,

If this issue of "saving Pacifica" is so darn important as so many of us believe it is, shouldnt serious, knowledgable, hard core discussions be carried on the air now that we have the airwaves back, all the way through this amazing process, narrating, helping to spread the word, helping to define and fine tune this great experiment??????????? Why are you now NOT appalled that this is not being done??????

I travelled to DC on more than one occasion to protest the renegade board, I got up at 430am 3 weeks straight to protest in front of the station every weekday morning, went by myself and slapped over a half dozen signs in front of 120 Wall STreet during this time on the weekends, trekked 3 hours round trip travel time before and after work from Jersey to more meetings and demonstrations than I can count and this movement needs to know that everyone turning their head to the lack of airtime NOW , should be ashamed of themselves, either that or we are now too engrossed in ourr own "self interests" to see the utter hypocracy in this. Airtime = education= outreach = DEMOCRACY Lack of airtime is dead wrong. This is what we just fought for!!!!!!!

I'm talking about good, thoughtful, intelligent discussions, not half assed radio programming by people who may not necessarily know what they're doing. So, NO Nick maddog, not after what weve been through, its not enough to say that BAI does not have the "resources" to cover this issue.

There is NO speaking truth to power, there is NO organizing of the resisters, there is NO venue for the voiceless WITHOUT PACIFICA!!!!! I and so many others, gave very large portions of our lives practically for over a year for this cause (and many others for alot longer). And now when we have the airwaves this issue is no longer worthy of those discussions??? Why, because after all, the listeners can do it by foot and go door to door, and we can meet on our free time and put together mailings, and maybe if we're lucky someone at the station is nice enough might remember to put together a "cart" ..........these things are sufficient enough for this "Oh So Important Cause????"

Have we lost our minds?

I propose we organize demonstrations at the station every morning during wake up call until we (all of us who understand truly how important this issue is), until all 5 stations allocate a good amount of time for this hugely important cause.

Mary Delano
Believer in speaking truth to power, believer in resistance radio, believer in the power of the airwaves, believer in bai listeners, believer in Democracy.


one response:
[ from me, editor of this website ]

From: Roger M
Subject: WHY DONT "many people understand the seriousness of whats going on at Pacifica????????"

I proposed the following to the WBAI program director this past February. It was rejected.

Roger M


Proposal for weekly program on WBAI 2-14-02

By Roger Manning - NYC listener (and former WBAI volunteer staff)

Topic of program:
A local program covering the history of struggle at WBAI/Pacifica (as requested by the Concerned Friends of WBAI resolution - 2/7/02), as well as coverage of governance issues and reports to the listeners/staff (future voters) from WBAI/Pacifica's management and other sources.

Programming of this nature is also called for in the recent anti-gag rule resolution of the interim National Board [" The resolution also requires the station managers to provide air time specifically for balanced discussion of these issues, and other measures to inform listeners of the controversies and actions being taken to address them."].

Proposed weekly time slot: 10:30am - 12:00 noon on Saturday. [has since been filled] An excellent time for people who can't listen to WBAI at work during the week.

Show co-produced by 2 or 3 key people with many others involved as well:
Ursula? Anthony Mackall? myself? Arun? Ann-Marie Hendrickson?

Working title: "Pacifica Then and Now" (or possibly "WBAI, Then and Now")

The program would start with an introductory cart with some sort of theme music and a one-minute history of Pacifica .

Possible show intro text (contains legal ID):

"The Pacifica foundation was launched by pacifist Lew Hill in 1949 with the first ever listener funded radio station - KPFA, Berkeley.

The Pacifica mission called for radio that would foster understanding amongst nations and individuals, encourage creativity, and promote innovative, uncensored distribution of news.

In 1960, WBAI 99.5fm in New York joined Pacifica when philanthropist Louis Schweitzer gave the station to the network, which now has 5 radio stations, and around 50 affiliates across the U.S.

It's been a long, often rocky, often glorious road. And we're still here; to learn from the past, report on the present, and to build a better WBAI and a stronger network.

This is 'Pacifica then and now.' "

Possible show breakdown:
10:30 - 10:31 Introductory cart
10:31 - 10:36 Overview of that day's agenda and Pacifica/WBAI news briefs
10:36 - 10:58 History (WBAI or Pacifica) feature on tape or live interview.
10:58 - 11:01 Station break. Repeat rundown of upcoming items.
11:01 - 11:30 continue history feature
11:30 - 11:50 reports from management, iPNB, LAB, other listener areas.
11:50 - 11:59 Events and meeting announcements and brief recap of program.

This is only one potential show. The history feature might be shorter or replaced with live session with management, PNB, LAB persons discussing a particular development and taking listener calls. Every week would likely be different. Some of the history features might play out in a series of installments.

Possible featured guests:

History/analysis people:
Matthew Lazar
Robert McChesney
Maria Galardin
Lynn Gerry
Bob Fass
Various longtime staff and LAB members etc.
Various community leaders, activists with long time connections to WBAI/Pacifica
Various national figures who have supported the free
Pacifica movement: Chomsky etc.
WBAI/Pacifica alumni
Tapes from the archives

Reports people:
Dan Coughlin, Leslie Cagan, other iPNB people
LAB people
Program director
Station manager
Concerned Friends and other listener groups (NYC and elsewhere)

Governance proposals etc:
iPNB reports if any
Carol Spooner
"Pacifica Matters" report (weekly national netcast discussion group)

Thoughts and an angle:
A part of WBAI's history that is important to address is how, while the situation of centralization and de-radicalizing was worsening at Pacifica, prior to Fall 2000, WBAI did not act against it in an organized way or adequately inform the listenership. Perhaps the best way to cover this is from the angle of, "...knowing what we know now, this is what should of been done differently..." or something like that.

In my view, we've all learned alot in the last year working with the Pacifica Campaign, Concerned Friends etc. and connecting with the rest of the Pacifica community. The time is ripe for coming clean and moving forward with newfound enlightenment and vision. This program will be a stunning bit of radio if we can find the courage to do it.

Meanwhile at KPFK:

. great series on the Pacifica Crisis on KPFK - at last !!!!!! - see KPFK ungagged

So far:
*Jan 11 Interview with David Adelson, KPFK LAB Chair
*Jan 15 Interview w Adelson, Fertig and Brazon
*Caroline Casey interview Dave Adelson
*Pacifica's 7-Year War w/Matthew Lasar
*The Battle for Pacifica w/ Carol Spooner



Roger Manning


Live sound engineer
1983 - present: Freelance Small studio music recording
1983 - present

WBAI FM, New York
1983: Board operator (Weds. mid-days)
1982 - present: Listener/sponsor

WMCA AM, New York (talk format)
5/82 - 5/83: Engineer of various segments including morning drive, production Staff
5/83 - 5/84: freelance

WYBC FM, New Haven, CT (college/community/commercial)
1981-1982: Program director
1979-1980: Training director
1978-1982: Engineer, producer, dj, music department, production department, news, radio theater, sales/promotion


Website production
1999 - present (including: http://www.wbai.net)

Solo rock musician
1988 - present
website: http://web.wt.net/~rogerm

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