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Props to Andrea Fishman, WBAI listener activist

From the message board at: goodlight.net/wbai


With Heels She Has Even Managed to Appear ABOVE the Deck
Like Some Sort of Peace Loving Harrier Aircraft!
Thu Feb 6 01:10:11 2003

"Short, middle aged woman did taping."
[Re: a post describing the woman recording a WBAI LAB meeting]

oh sure... a few gray hairs and suddenly it's like Barbara Bush is seen taping LAB meetings. also... the CORRECT term is "vertically challenged" when andrea wears platforms she can even be seen ABOVE the deck... particularly now that minidiscs are being employed... i use the term "mini" advisedly... knowing how the left, so reknowned for it's bombast and "take it to the streets" ethos is quick to marginalize womyn NOT of size within the movement. andrea fishman is the frank capra of the "why we should VOTE" movement among the listeners... without her determination... this idea might have flown away like so many other so-called "issues"(on air tribalism, anti-semitism, dopey comments from co-hosts) that stopped being of concern to the listener movements of 2001 after january 12, 2002. andrea kept the idea of proportional representation alive with her famed adlai stevenson like defense of proportional representation during the first Habte Selaissie aided appearance of former card carrying Election Committee members in May of 2002(for which Habte paid with his on air life!!!). andrea took proportional representation from the abstract ephemera of weighty tomes by lani guinier and put it on a neural basketball court, no doubt a reflection of her nascent athleticism and astounding level of flexibility for a womyn described so reductively as "short/middle aged", and by the end of the program, andrea hit nothing BUT neural net... NEVER again could the proportional model be described as TOO CONFUSING TO EVEN DESCRIBE... why... two or three months back during Janice K. Bryant's afternoon special on the varying voting proposals, the opposition was forced to describe it in rudimentary terms even as they primped for their infamous 'Dracula Proposal' which ended up seeming even more confusing.

yes... advocates of listener democracy... ye shall know them by their obsession with nifty recording equipment... whether it is andrea fishman, patty heffley, bill ritchey, or that blond imc chick with the glasses... they are black and white... big and small... thick and thin... highly flexible or laid up with COINTELPRO induced fractures... still they fight on... even in the face of Marianne Bohrenstein's rage, Mimi Rosenberg's prideful arrogance, and the narrow mysterious agenda of the Pacifica Campaign. neither rain, nor snow, nor cars driven by "frat boy" appearing operatives shall EVER stop them!

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