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Boycott the wbai fund drive

[ from the message board at: www.goodlight.net/wbai ]

The bystander formerly known as WBAI listener
We have thought about it.
Wed Oct 24 19:01:19 2001

This is the ONLY effective means to register our discontent with corporate policies. The bylaws do not allow me to register my dissatisfaction by voting management out. The lawsuit process is too slow and expensive (and unhealthy). Blame Pacifica management for reducing my options to withholding money.

One can argue the stations will die because of the boycott, but as far as I am concerned, the stations are dead in their current state. I have lost all confidence in WBAI as a provider of alternative news or as a community voice. What little programming left that has value is subject to managerial fiat that I have no direct influence in appointment.

Why should I send my money so that Pacifica can piss it away and disregard my concerns as a listener?

No taxation without representation.

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