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Broadcast the iPNB meeting

Carolyn [ Birden ]
WBAI should broadcast the iPNB meeting
Mon Jun 10 08:15:23 2002

This statement from Maria Gilardin says it all: "There is a group of us who has stood outside the old Pacifica meetings for years, has been arrested for even entering the building where meetings were held. Open meetings is something we fought for and won. What use is it to now voluntarily close them to all but the select few who can afford to come here."

As she points out, the meetings will be for 2.5 hours on Friday, 7.5 on Saturday, and 5.75 on Sunday. Not a lot to devote to what many have been working for "for years." Producers should volunteer to host the meetings live, and I hope some will, but if they don't, they should be asked to do so by their listeners, by the Pacifica Board, by the Program Director, and by the rest of us. Carolyn

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