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Democratization 4-27-01

From: haq4u@j...
Date: Fri Apr 27, 2001 1:23 pm
Subject: Re: [freekpfk] Re: Demo Proposal KLG- Council Advice, Mailing Lists

The litigation I was involved with during the period of 1995 until it was resolved in 1999 dealt with a forceful and violent take over by an outside group of a religious non-profit organization and it's over half a million dollars of assets. I was a plaintiff and we prevailed, but against very difficult odds. While we were the legitimately elected board of directors and trustees and represented the overwhelming majority in our community, the other side seemed to have unlimited financial recourses we did not have.

While there are some obvious differences, some of the basic principles I learned in that litigation can help us in ours. One general principle that did finally help our side in the end was our following the bylaws and our continued insistence, even while in exile of maintaining democratic elections of our board and trustees in accordance with those bylaws. When the judge ordered court supervised elections our side which had maintained the election process, our membership records and bank records varifying those members, scrupulously, was able to smoothely qualify most of our voters and overwhelmingly prevail in those elections, therefore prevailing in the litigation and getting our assets back. That is why I urge all five Pacifica local stations to democratize and have their LABs actually elected ASAP. Now KPFA held what I believe are good and solid elections for the LAB that will hold up and if indeed thecourt opts to let elections decide the issues, if the other stations have not even begun the process, our entire side is going to be at a disadvantage. Even if the court does not ask for elections, if our side shows it has elected rather than hand-picked, self-generating LABs, our side will then be able to show it represents a valid constituency. And if we win and don't have some election process in place well in advance, I'm also afraid, seeing the rancor often expressed on these lists when the discussion comes down to how the LABs and Pacifica National Board will be selected, we are not going to be ready for a smooth transition.


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