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Getting a bit hypocritical in the elections debate

From the dicussion list at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NewPacifica

From: tecsvcs tecsvcs@y...
Date: Fri Aug 3, 2001 1:12 am
Subject: Re: [NewPacifica] Re: elect the 4

we're sorry to hear you say it again as well. maybe that means you might want to avoid saying it again; we'll all be happier!!

seriously, though: your fears about elections are understandable. your friends (e.g., mimi, nan rubin, etc.) will no longer hold the LAB on a string, getting them to do what ever mimi/nan want them to do, and that must feel somewhat unwelcome.

no one's calling for an election by a small pool of voters -- no one, that is, except those who oppose elections. the only voters that the "anti-election" group wants is the current LAB, which numbers anywhere between 9 and 16 people, depending on the week.

so it seems as though you're calling for elections to the LAB by a small, self-selecting, self-perpetuating group of (at most) 16 bureaucrats, whereas the election committee is working diligently to create an impartial elections process that includes thousands of listeners.

now, just _who_ did you say was trying to control things???

--- nuralanwar@y... wrote:

> I'm sorry to have to say this again, but no, an
> election from a small pool of voters that is run by
> the Elections Committee would not be better than "no
> election at all." Any election not closely monitored
> by a third party, & not including many, many, many
> more people who are in fact fully entitled to vote
> but don't happen to be among those whose names have
> been collected by the Elections Committee, will be
> hopelessly tainted with perhaps quite well-founded
> suspicions of manipulation. The Elections Committee
> itself should know this, speaking of sophistication &
> lack thereof.
> Vajra...

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