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More decent pro-elections blather from Jim D

From: jim Dingeman jimdingeman@y...
Date: Tue Sep 4, 2001 3:56 pm
Subject: Why elections should be allowed to proceed

We have had many months wasted over the unwillingness of some to allow the elections process for the LAB's to move on with alot of energy in an unhampered fashion.

First, we had the defend Valerie Van Issler at all costs phase of the fall of 2000 that extended into the January period prior to the PC being formed and jumping off into the entire country. This was indeed a monumental and in retrospect will be seen as a impossible contradiction that encumbered the NYC effort and gave much legitimacy to what happened in late December.

Then, the PC [the Pacifica Campaign] and other in CF [Concerned Friends of WBAI] awoke to the realities of the Lawsuits. This is something they specifically downplayed prior to 12/22 and part of that was their opposiition to the listeners lawsuit that the current LAB made much of. As many of you recall the LAB [local advisory board] attempted to takeover the CF process in the fall and this was shot down pretty quickly even though the committess that were created t a LAB meeting were designed to duplicate the CF process underway at the time. This was clearly designed to give a fresh boost of energy into the LAB that probably has happened becuase of their breathless ant8icipation over the prospects of being the "legitimate" entity to participate in a possible interim settlement.

Then of course while I was in Ca. watching a imperfect instrument, a elected LAB, flounder and explore its new bearings people here in NYC decided to pour considerable energy into disrupting and destroying the energy and impetus of the elections committee. THis WAS ALSO A REFLECTION OF PRE-FALL contradictions that stemmed from how the struggle in NYC had developed since 1995. This has and will be a source of tension since the obliterate all history types will never rest and those who oppose them will also never rest.

Now we are approaching the critical phase of how and when the board may be expanded to reinforce the board majority and keep Pacifica on the Healthy Station Strategy approach that is partly a cause of all the conflict. If Pacifica is able to expand the board I predict that Amy will be immediately fired and that it is possible that sweeiping program changed will happen in NYC. Those who have consciously aimed a t demoralizing the EC [elections committee] through their silly purge trials of the past two months are as DISRUPTIVE as anybody else becuase they push continually to advance the agenda of their allies in the PC and WUC [banned program - Wake up Call] camp.

The false dichotomy of elections now or later hides that fundamental power equation. It has been fun to see people from nowhere like DeMaegt or proven Amy sicophants like Evan Davis stick their noses into NYC politics vis a vis Pacifca. It is their perogrative and I also must admit the purge lists also intrigue me that Fred has posted. The rsult of such a purge would gut the EC of several of their most vigorous members and when he says Steve Brown should leave I just roll off the chair in laughter. How about Margaret Ratner evict the PC from 13 Gay Street and let them function on their own? Unlike to happen given the dynamics over at that address but equally ludicrous to assert as some have done.

I could also cite members of the Action and Outreach Committee I would like to see take a hike but that would be absurd also. So the constant attacks on the EC have forced valuable energy to be wasted in angst and counter-attack. That is inevitable given the power dynamics and the casting of their lot of some with the WUC faction to return to power unhampered at WBAI. And throughout all this I am sure that BW is planning to make life very difficult for a board majority hostile to her and doing everything to prevent that from happening during 9/12-13.

This is obviously a crucial time and I would suggest that those opposed to elections direct their efforts elsewhere. They already have disrupted a splendid organizing platform which must be allowed to continue before the old audience is completely fired from the airwaves like it was in LA. Ten months of bullshit from those opposed to elections plus the latest crapola from people like Dennis Moynihan who are in favor of elected LAB members like a hole in the head just diverts attention from the savoring of the LAB lawsuit folks in NYC( Errol and others) who do not desire any barrier if they have a settlement to their retaking and purging of all those who opposed them. That this is similar towhat has just happened I do not doubt.

But what amazes me is the baldashery of those who continue to oppose it, the desire to engage in mini-show trials ala Mimi's latest PR gimic against Patty and Carolyn and the transparaent machinations behind it.

I assure all that if the Majority board wins next week all your opposition to elections will be mott and they will sweep like a tornado throughout the schedule in NYC and ultimately elsewhere.

What is to stop them after the straighten out NYC to straighten out KPFA at that point?


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