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Genoa: Pacifica's lame performance 7-22-01

Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 19:14:03 -0000
Reply-To: NewPacifica@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [NewPacifica] Re: Report from IMC Italy/more democracy at Pacifica

Even under the old (and better) WBAI, Sunday morning would be playing opera while protesters are getting beat up in Genoa.

I have always been frustrated that usually (altho there have been exceptions) but generally BAI doesn't break regular programming for events like this, or other demonstrations, or events, which, to me, are what we are all about.

Any thoughts?



--- In NewPacifica@y..., Patty patty@i... wrote:

...Our rights are non existent and we are helpless unless we stand up for them. Journalism is becoming more and more dangerous and still there is a worldwide movement for people to "become the media". Ther are 56 IMC's worldwide since Seattle!! ( http://indymedia.org ) Many people in the Indymedia movement are young and with conviction. This has been going on for almost 2 years now and there is not one show dedicated to this movement on any Pacifica station. This is another reason for the listeners to have a say in their station because maybe, just maybe the listeners will see the need for such programming and information and working together and ask for this important information. A show once in a while is not good enough. Pacifica is out of touch and the management at all 5 stations has been out of touch for years. Listener empowerment now! so we can have a vibrant network that is "relevant". Yes they do go together.

I would like elections for the WBAI Local Advisory board to move ahead as soon as possible and if everyone on this list sent me one more name for the list of listeners we would have "more names" of prospective voters. We can't wait for anyone to give us democracy. Have you ever seen that happen? ha ha ha ha ha

Email me with a name or go to http://www.wbai.net and fill in the form for elections and let's get our station back and make it even more in touch with today.
NYC Indymedia Center
WBAI elections committee
and proud of the indymedia media movement.

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