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More perspective from Patty 7-26-01

From: Patty Heffley patty@i...
Date: Thu Jul 26, 2001 3:48 pm
Subject: Re: [NewPacifica] They came in the night for Robert Knight

No, first they came for KPFT, then they came for KPFK, then they came for KPFA and now they are here.

first they came for Joung Yoon Lym and Radio Bandung and no one stood up.

Yes R Paul and everyone else we know the excuses but the fact is she broke the gag rule about the move to wall street and that was the last show she did.

Now they came for everyone else.

At KPFA the producers broke the gag rule 100% of the time and read a statement at the beginning of every program around the clock after Nicole Sawaya, their GM.


On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 sbillscat@a... wrote:

> At one of those rare times that my own radio is tuned to Leid's Wbai, it
> was pit of the stomach feeling to hear the insipid crap of Paul Williams
> broadcasting out of the time slot of Earthwatch this Thursday am. Ominous
> and obvious: Robert Knight had been sacked.
> His show, and that of the fearless and courageous Bob Fass' Radio Unnamable
> and the Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade were the only human contact shows on
> that vast waste land of Wbai, overnight programming. Now just two programs
> worthy of our attention remain.
> First they came for Bernard White, then on down the list they keep coming.
> Not many left. Leid has successfully destroyed any semblance of the old
> Wbai, warts and all. Except for Moorish and Radio Unnamable there is nothing
> acceptable on late night Wbai.
> The lights of Robert Knight have been dimmed, not extinguished, however. He
> will be back. The interlopers, hustlers and others who remain there in full
> cooperation with the intellectual and spiritual thugs that presently manage
> the radio station will prove memories, albeit bad ones, soon enough. Bill
> Stribling.

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