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From: siddharta5@y...
Date: Sat Mar 17, 2001 9:05pm
Subject: Elected PACIFICA LABs


I am not convinced that the members of the present WBAI LAB are either internet savvy or whether they actually individually reviewed the KPFA election process documentation.

On March 2, the CFNJ had a meeting where a one-hour video which showed interviews and related events leading to the development of the election process at KPFA.

Given the remarkably diverse and popular movement that developed and rose in defense of KPFA in the past 2 years, it is incumbent upon all WBAI listeners and the responsibilty of the LAB to become fully cognizant of this very successful and, I believe, democratic process and take a position to adopt a similar electoral system.

It is my sincere belief that a well designed LAB electoral process would preserve and enhance a fair representation for all the progressive and voiceless constituencies in the WBAI listener area.

My advice to the elections committee at the LAB meeting was to devise and publish such a progessive constituency/proportional election manifesto when it is ready and I sincerely hope that the work is complete by now.

I am inviting all the WBAI listeners reading this to actively lobby the LAB members to put this item on the agenga of the next LAB meeting. Please explain that the LAB members should not fear that their constituencies will not be represented and that they need to read the KPFA process. If they have not, offer to provide the document and tell them that it is their responsibility to address the concern of the vast majority of listeners for an elected and democratic LAB.

Let's get to work...

Fred N

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