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The new national program director 9-17-01

Posted at: http://goodlight.net/wbai

Does the dynamic Wash/Leid duo now control Pacifica?
Tue Sep 18 00:28:30 2001

Since there appears to be somewhat of a power vacuum at the PNB (the board majority faction seemingly being unable to find their own butts with both hands at high noon), Wash/Leid together may now be in de facto control of the whole shooting match. (Chorus: They've got the whole of Pacifica, in their hands, they've got the whole of Pacifica in their hands, they've got the whole of Pacifica in their hands, the whole of...well, you can fill in the rest yourself.)

My prediction: Robert Daughtry, sent in from central control, has been hired to complete the take down of WBAI that was so faithfully begun by Ms. Leid. (There, there, don't worry, just have another helping of conservatory quality jazz, honey, and everything's gonna be all right.)

Utrice: I suspect that one of her primary objectives (if not THE primary objective) will be to be to go after KPFA. All I can say is, watch out Bay Area: you'll soon be seeing a lot of our gal. Good luck.

If we don't get the board back from the hijackers soon -- real soon -- there's going to be nothing left to save. I smell endgame here.

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