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Regarding negotiations with "PNB" 7-4-01

From: Rfbhome@a...
Date: Wed Jul 4, 2001 10:09 am
Subject: Re: Pacifica Campaign Update

I completely and unequivocally support Carol Spooner in her position as lead plaintiff in the Listeners' Lawsuit. She is the one who has been at the heart of this legal process for the past two years and doubtless possesses knowledge of the inner working on all sides that we, not directly involved, can only surmise.

I agree with "tecsvcs" when he says: "...no negotiations, no surrender, without unconditional resignation by all members of the Pacifica National Board."

I do not trust the wily, invidious, sleazy, illegal PNB to enter any kind of negotiation in any faith other than bad. Period.

I have supported the Listeners' Lawsuit from its inception, and I support it today.

Ruth Benson

--- In NewPacifica@y..., tecsvcs <tecsvcs@y...> wrote:
> --- Carol Spooner <wildrose@p...> wrote:
> <snip>
> > There is nothing more that any of us wants than to
> > remove these vicious people from control of Pacifica
> > & the stations we all love and to stop the horrendous
> > heartbreaking damage.
> >
> > Believe me, if I had any indication that the board
> > majority was ready to resign and turn over control of
> > Pacifica I would be in round-the-clock negotiations
> > to get there.
> i have complete confidence that the remark above is true.
> your actions as lead plaintiff in the listeners' lawsuit
> seem entirely consistent with those sentiments.
> mr.gonzalez' remarks, while hopeful and genuine, appear to
> me to miss the mark. negotiations typically only succeed
> if one is willing to compromise, or if one's opposition is
> willing to give you anything you're trying to force them to
> give you in the context of the larger struggle.
> the national board has little reason to negotiate at this
> early stage. they have our money with which to pay public
> relations firms and attorneys. as such, any overtures from
> the pnb toward negotiation is likely a feint or a bluff,
> intended to create circumstances that would lead the
> listeners' lawsuit in particular to reveal most, if not
> all, of the cards in its hand. the threat of personal
> liability will grow more serious in the minds of the
> defendants as the trial date draws near.
> i say make the most of that threat. no negotations, no
> surrender, without unconditional resignation by all members
> of the pacifica national board. period.
> simple positions make negotiations easier.
> > But the opposite is the case, in my opinion.. They
> > think we are tired now (I'm not, so many have worked
> > so hard for so long to get this far to tire just when
> > the legal battle is ready to kick into high gear) and
> > they want to get us into negotiations in order to
> > force us to accept their resignations, WITHOUT them
> > turning over control.
> that, of course, is unacceptable. in my opinion, it is
> imperative that the entire pacifica national board resign
> as a condition to any settlement, or upon plaintiffs'
> prevailing at bar.
> > They want to control who gets on the board after them
> > in some sort of "power sharing" arrangement...
> precisely.
> > ...& to force us into diverting our resources and
> > (expensive) attorneys time to negotiations that
> > surrender control to their successors, rather than
> > using our legal resources to agressively bringing
> > more legal pressure on them.
> no negotiation, no surrender, without the unconditional
> resignations of the entire pacifica national board as just
> one of several preconditions.
> > We need to be agressively raising money to fund the
> > legal campaign and take this to trial.
> i would gladly make personal appearances in any of the 5
> listening areas (professional commitments permitting), and
> would contribute to funding travel for you, carol, in order
> to support the fundraising efforts needed for the
> listeners' lawsuit.
> > If we do that, then the chances are much greater that
> > they really will get tired and be ready to throw in
> > the towel sooner, rather than later.
> >
> > That is my personal opinion.
> as one of the three plaintiffs in the new york listening
> area, i'm with you on that score one hundred percent.
> let me know how i can help, please.

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