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Priorities 8-8-01

> Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 14:31:06 -0700 (PDT)
> Reply-To: NewPacifica@yahoogroups.com
> Subject: Re: [NewPacifica] A New Low (was Re: Elect the 4)
> Mr. Pimental:
> Since you write so fast-and-loose about other folks
> jobs and reputations, I think you should tell us who
> "you" are and why "your" opinion should be valued.
> The skeezy way you've slimed Bob Lederer: First you
> say that reports of Bob's behavior are "not
> particularly kind" but then say "I won't repeat them".
> That's just sleazy.
> And since when does the left cavelierly write-off
> people's jobs? Like you do with Amy Goodman when you
> say you're not "particularly worried" about her job.
> Would you say that same about auto workers or janitors
> whose jobs are at stake? Why is this different?
> Some listeners-- who apparently see themselves as
> "owners" of Pacifica, in the same way that Henry Ford
> owned Ford Motor Co.-- show disdain for Pacifica
> station workers.
> Could you explain why respect for workers applies
> everywhere but Pacifica?
> Finally, anyone who can write of himself-- "I am
> struggling for the benefit of people who aren't even
> born yet. I am talking people who won't be born for a
> hundred years or more"-- has some nerve talking about
> "others" being self-absorbed.
> Get over your important self, Micheal.
> -sr


--- Michael P - Slasher_@prodigy.net wrote:
Is this list an off shoot The Most High Church of the Fired and The Banned too ?

Or are we listeners just being tricked into participating in what amounts to be just a big job action so all of about 20 can get their jobs back not to mention the hundreds network wide who seem to have been lost in the shuffle(and believe me they won't be mentioned).

Get a clue man! Were listeners interested in creating some structural accountability and democratic processes at Pacifica to make sure that once we win IF we win that a travesty like the one that has happened won't happen again and if it does that it can be addressed directly through recall and that listeners can participate in a meaningfull way in the governance of Pacifica.

It is really sad that all those people lost their jobs and I hope they get a chance to get them back but I am not struggling for their benefit, I am struggling for the benefit of people who aren't even born yet. I am talking people who won't be born for a hundred years or more.

I really hope you can see that at least in the context of my own long term perspective and that of others that your penitent adulation of recently fired staff is somewhat myopic.There are far more serious issues to be considering. Hell I am not even particularly worried about Amy or DN. I hear it's getting hot for her and if they are brave enough to fire her, lets just say that she served Pacifica well, but all good things must come to an end.

Personally in my experience with Bob Lederer I find him to be very likable and quite intelligent I think he is probably too Smart not to be at least a little self absorbed, I have heard reports about some people's perspectives on his performance as the editor of some AIDS activist rag which weren't particularly kind and since I can't verify them I won't repeat them but HEY he promoted democratization in principle at least on the air tonight so I guess he can't be all that bad. I could be wrong.

Praise Bob, $moke Frop and keep a lookin out for the UFO the YHWH-1. $lack will be ours soon

Michael Pimental


Wednesday, August 08, 2001 4:58 PM
Subject: Re: [NewPacifica] A New Low (was Re: Elect the 4)

Rendall_2000@yahoo.com writes to Slasher

And since when does the left cavelierly write-off people's jobs? Like you do with Amy Goodman when you say you're not "particularly worried" about her job.


From: sbillscat@aol.com
In addition to all this,which I heartily agree with, I simply don't understand why at least some current members of the staff are not so outraged over the on going Leid and Pacifica treatment of Amy Goodman that job actions in solidarity with her and in defense of her are not initiated by any or all of the progressive staff that remain. Shouldn't a line of moral decency be drawn in the sand somewhere here? Shouldn't good people at the station speak up for Amy Goodman? -Bill Stribling...


Slasher Writes:

Exactly my point. If the "great journalists" and "talent"(ed) individuals that became and are slowly becoming the fired and the banned didn't stand down before now by striking preemptively then what the hell can I do from Houston and what would my "worry" from my remote location in a Texas forest help. Besides they're already set up to keep her show on WBIX so we'll end up being mollified and getting creative and expand our use of the internet the independence of the affilliates and probably show Pacifica up as regards the mission

I live in Houston and listen on the internet on wbix anyway so I can't imagine why I should worry about Amy she's obviously not going anywhere. Maybe she'll have to move to a studio with even fewer proffessional acutriments than the sub-standred one that she has been banished to.

And to tell the truth I don't consider myself a leftist or a rightist or a communist or a democrat or a republican. I was raised to despise and abhore ALL the establishmenmts of the current world system. By religious fundamentalists no less. So.... That's why it is so easy for me to go on speaking so forthrightly, I am sorry if anyone takes offense I just don't think the creature worship I am seeing around me is particularly healthy for me, productive or benificial.

I guess I was just filled with the spirit after being in the most holy room in the temple of the most high church of the fired and the banned. I went in and thankfully I got out alive and I didn't have to kill a bull or a goat so both goats got to esacpe. ha he he he The only bad thing is now were gonna be eaten by this AZAZEL thing you know the watcher that taught mankind the ways of war and helped him build the military industrial prision death machine with your tax dollars.

I HAVE SLACK because I,

Praise Bob, Smoke frop and Keep watching for the elohim who will be ariving on the spaceship Jehovah-1 any day now

And then comes armaggedon where all those who aren't following the cramped and narrow path are gonna be slaughtered by the laser beams comming out of the eyes of the spasceship Jehovah-1 all the pinks and glorps and malialigned normals will face death and destruction.

All, that is, except for us SUBGENIUSES the true followers of Jah We will be given MORE SLACK


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