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Spamfest? 6-6-01

Dear All,

I received this extremely interesting e-mail on an Ithaca, NY media- activist list. Apparently the Ken Ford resignation campaign is making a few waves around the country.

Also interesting are some of the assumptions the writer makes.

Well, as he says, "Power to the People."



From: WRVO Radio wrvo@wrvo.fm
Subject: Revolting Listeners and unintended fall out

Hey!. Pacifica staff!. .... and all the ships at sea.. Listen up.

We just got a call from the CEO at the local office of the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB).. He was reeeeeally pissed AT US!

It seems some Pacifica members are royally hacked off that a guy named Ken Ford is on their Board of Directors and behaving in ways they find inappropriate.. We are told Ken Ford is a "minor official" in the NAHB.

So these Pacifica members have accessed the NAHB webpage.. And apparently through the national webpage a person can email a document to about 1,100 local chapters in one simple move. The result is that the various employees in our local chapter have each been receiving HUNDREDS of email complaints each hour about this Ford guy who nobody here knows..

The local CEO assumes all other chapters across the U.S. are being inundated as well.. Now, I don't know what it is like in YOUR town, but the folks here in the Spokane office are getting mighty pissed at public radio.. They, and many others who have ties to their organization, think WE are responsible for this major spam- fest.

Of course he wanted us to force this thing to stop.. I am actually (and silently) rather amused at the wonders of technology and the typical populist creativity of Pacifica But the local guy pointed out the chance this could seriously backfire on all the non-Pacifica stations across the U.S. come time for the next fundraiser.. And, though I am not shaking in my boots, he could be right.

Until I explained the system relationships among the various national and local public radio organizations, this guy was ready to threaten our very right to breathe.. He was loaded for bear and was anxious to spread the word that we are all a pack of leftist wacko socialists.. In other words, he had found me out. Anyway - I don't know if any Pacifica staffers have ANYTHING to do with unleashing their supporters on the system through this backdoor attack, but if so, it should be cautioned that this could be harmful to us as a system, and I would like it if they would stop inciting their packs to riot.. If Pacifica staff members are not behind this, and listeners found this route on their own, well, c'est la vie ...

and "Power To The People!"

Good grief
Dick Kunkel
Spokane Public Radio



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