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Carol Spooner (of the listeners' lawsuit) responds to
the Democracy Now! crisis 8-14-01

Tue Aug 14 18:51:24 2001 Carol Spooner wrote:

I must say, with all due respect to those who keep trying to "negotiate" with these intractable people, I HAVE HAD IT... ... the majority of the board members, including Farrell, have refused to take responsibility or corrective action for over 2 years for the worsening spiral of abuse of staff members at all five Pacifica stations, and the public, by Pacifica management -- including but not by any means limited to the threatening and hostile workplace environment for DN! and others at WBAI --- as a result the public firestorm continues to grow, and will continue to grow until those responsible are removed. But the board refuses to remove them ... Bessie & Utrice & Yasko could and should have been fired months ago ... because, obviously, they are carrying out policies APPROVED by the board majority. ... unless the 6 majority board members all resign I see no end to the strife at Pacifica & I'm disgusted to hear them whine about the public protests they have brought upon themselves by their own conduct.

They are an irresponsible bunch of ego-driven immoralists ... personally responsible for destroying Pacifica. I can only believe at this point that it is intentional on their part.

I'm not interested in Bob Farrell's "peace initiative" or Valrie Chambers'"5 points" ... smokescreens and lies to keep themselves in power long after any decent person would have resigned for the good of the organization.

I want them all gone & I will take them to trial to get them removed by the court unless they resign.

--Carol Spooner
40-year KPFA Listener
Plaintiff, "Listeners' Lawsuit"
Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board (since July 1999)

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