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The tired and the banned 6-19-01

From: tecsvcs [tecsvcs@y...]
Date: Tue Jun 19, 2001 11:42 am
Subject: Re: [NewPacifica] Re: WBAI workers, NY LAB, Listeners - need dialogue

--- siddharta5@y... wrote:
> I also feel that the fired and the banned should be
> given our trust because they have tirelessly worked
> and guided the listeners to challenge the corpocrats
>and governmental agents from the PNB.

[snip to end]

loosely defined, the "fired and the banned" at wbai played crucially important roles in interfering with the efforts of listeners in nyc to fight the pacifica national board's efforts to destroy the pacifica network. bernard white and others were contacted repeatedly and asked for their help in publicizing efforts to "save the station" -- now a rallying cry of the "fired and the banned." bernard white and others repeatedly rejected those requests for help with the dismissive, "save the station? from who?" [sic].

the "tireless organizing" mentioned in the quoted email above is nothing more than self-interested individuals manipulating the actions of those less knowledgeable in the history of the station. the goal of those manipulations is to 1) get funding from the donations of listeners, and 2) to manipulate the listener movement into supporting the rehiring of the individuals who have been fired from wbai.

to the best of my knowledge, none of the "tired and the banned" had any role in resisting the actions of the pnb to destroy the pacifica network until those actions affected them personally.

hardly the stuff of "tireless organizing"....

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