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Thank you WFMU

Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 01:48:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Badagnani dbadagna@kent.edu
To: ken@wfmu.org
cc: info@wbai.net, mail@democracynow.org, savepacifica@igc.org
Subject: A standing ovation for WFMU!

Dear Mr. Freedman,

I have long held WFMU in the highest esteem as the most interesting and adventurous radio station in the United States. Although I live far away from your home state of New Jersey, I used to subscribe to your music catalog and whenever in the New York area I always tune in, certain to hear something I've never, ever heard before.

Now, I must count you also among our country's most courageous radio stations. I would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thanks to you and WFMU for allowing the "Democracy Now!" program to be heard daily by millions of New Yorkers (and New Jerseyites). I'm sure you agree that now is the time this program most needs to be heard. I have followed, with great interest, your own station's determination, against all odds, to remain on the air despite the collapse of Upsala College, and I am so glad to see the same spirit among many of the "exiled" WBAI producers and program hosts.

What else can I say, but that you deserve a standing ovation!

David Badagnani (dbadagna@kent.edu)
School of Music
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio

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