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D.C. iPNB meeting info and Agenda
December 6,7,8 2002

D.C DAILY REPORTS and Documents

[ Pacifica Now conference - Dec 3-5: info further down page ]

MEETING SCHEDULE (see agenda below)
Friday, Dec. 6th 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Saturday, Dec. 7th 9 am to 6:30 pm
Sunday, Dec. 8th 9 am to 3 pm
(east cast times)


WBAI 99.5 FM in NY and WPFW 89.3 FM in Washington,DC will both broadcast the complete meeting, live. KPFA 94.1 FM in Berkeley will do a live broadcast of the meeting on Saturday and Sunday.

KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston or KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles have yet to notify.


The direct links to the stream are:
http://www.live365.com/play/250946 and http://www.live365.com/play/22183

In addition, the stations that are broadcasting the meeting will also be webstreaming it on their web sites.


All Souls Unitarian Church
1600 Harvard St., NW
The church is in the Adams Morgan section of Washington, at the intersection of 16th Street and Columbia Road, NW.

Members of the IPNB, as well as station managers and LAB chairs will be staying at a union hotel in downtown Washington, DC. If you want to make your own arrangements to stay at this hotel please make sure to tell them you are part of the Pacifica Foundation group.

Four Point Sheraton Hotel
1201 K Street, NW (at 12 Street)
Washington, DC 20005
Closes Metro stop: MacPherson Square

To make reservations, call 202-289-7600 and please reference Pacifica Foundation.
$119.00 per night (Pacifica rate) single or double.

Kharabia Rayford of the WPFW LAB is helping people arrange community housing. Please contact her via email at kharabia@khayumbia.com as soon as possible, and be sure to include the following information:

1. Your name
2. Email address
3. Single or a couple or family; how many coming with you
4. Smoker/non smoker
5. Veggie/Non veggie
6. If you need to be close or can be far away (have access to transportation or are capable of riding metro (subway) to meetings.

Again, sorry for not being able to get this information out to everyone earlier. We hope that many of you will be able to attend this meeting.

Leslie Cagan chair, IPNB


Washington, DC

6:30 pm Review and Adoption of Meeting Agenda
6:45 pm Adoption of Minutes from previous meetings
7:00 pm Report from Board Chair
7:15 pm Report from Executive Director….including update on office move
8:00 pm General Community Comment
9:30 pm Adjourn for the evening

9:00 am Where is Pacifica headed?
(Discussion on issues such as possible re-structuring of the organization, staffing needs, our presence in Washington, DC, use of the airwaves, etc.)
10:00 am Treasurer’s Report
10:20 am FY2003 adjusted budgets
Policy/procedure guidelines for financial matters
12:15 pm Lunch Break
1:30 pm Bylaws Discussion
4:30 pm short break
4:45 pm Race and Nationality ? next steps in this work
5:30 pm Affiliates - next steps in re-building the program
6:15 pm Adjourn for the evening

9:00 am Personnel Committee Report
9:30 am Station Reports
(1) WPFW, interim general manager, LAB chair, community comment
(2) WBAI, general manager, LAB chair, community comment
(3) KPFK, general manager, LAB chair, community comment
(4) KPFA, interim general manager, LAB chair, community comment
(5) KPFT, general manager, LAB chair, community comment

12:30 pm Lunch Break

1:15 pm Archives ? report and proposal
2:00 pm Any items carried over from earlier in the weekend.
3:00 pm Adjourn Meeting


Pacifica Now! Community meetings in Washington DC Dec 3-5
Wed Nov 27 16:02:02 2002

Don Foster and I, Neil MacLean, were able to spend several days in Washington DC last week in order to see if there was support for WPFW and Pacifica community meetings prior to the next Pacifica Board meeting. We met with many active and committed, often over committed people who encouraged us to sponsor meetings and offered their support. With the goal of bringing the many voices from the station, LAB, and WPFW community together to share in a vision about what the station is and could be, we've agreed to sponsor three evening programs. Each will have space for community members to speak out. The meetings will occur at All Soul's Unitarian Church, 1600 Harvard St, Washington DC. Program will began at 6:30. Doors will open at 6:00.

Dec. 3rd: Mission and Vision
What are the mission’s of WPFW and Pacifica? What is WPFW’s history? What unique perspective and power does WPFW offer the district and Pacifica? What roles will the LAB, station and network have in determining how the mission is interpreted?

Tony Regusters, WPFW interim station manager*, Sam Husseini, WPFW LAB chair, Damu Smith, Co-founder of "Black Voices for Peace" and WPFW programmer of "Spirit in Action."

Dec. 4th: Pathways and Obstacles
Pacifica is undergoing dramatic changes: new by-laws, listener-sponsored elections, new staff, and renewed movements for justice have opened new possibilities. However, lack of clear responsibility and coordination as well as lack of resources and external opposition could stifle progress. Music programming has been falsely pitted against public affairs. Racial polarization has confused matters. Dialogue and cooperation are essential to freeing all of our energy.

Ron Pinchback, WPFW Program Director, Fahima Seck, LAB member and station programmer, James Early, Board chair of the Institute for Policy Studies, Art Seaman, local musician and independent music producer.

Dec. 5th: Against the War: Making Peace and Justice
What can we, Pacifica, and the WPFW community do to prevent the war and defend and expand liberty, including environmental and health protections? How can WPFW’s African American perspectives broaden the analysis of the mostly Eurocentric anti-war movement? How can we develop a 3rd world analysis that gives space for all communities of color on the station and in a common movement for peace and justice?

Leslie Cagan, interim Pacifica Board chair, Ryme Katkhouda, news programmer at WPFW, Ethelbert Miller, poet, writer and a founding member of WPFW, Christos Tsentas*, staff for Congresswomen Barbara Lee, Rev. Meg Riley, Director Unitarian Universalist Washington Office for Advocacy. Community discussion will be facilitated by Rajee Kasat artist and organizer with "One Common Unity" and Don Foster, Pacifica Now! organizer.

(*invitation to appear accepted but time of appearance not confirmed.)

If you don't see your name, please remember that we are continuing to confirm presenters and that each event will include opportunities for community members to speak and for dialogue.

For Pacifica Now!*
Don Foster**
Neil MacLean***

*Pacifica Now! is a series of forums that encourage dialogue, power sharing and collaboration between stakeholders in the Pacifica community.

**Don Foster is a media activist and organizer, formerly the public affairs director at KPFA, an independent producer in the Caribbean and was News and Public Affairs Director at WPFW from 1985-1990.

***Neil MacLean has facilitated Pacifica community meetings over the last four years with the support of the Unitarian Association.

D.C DAILY REPORTS and Documents

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