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Free Speech Radio News!
Pacifica Network News Stringers strike
and Free Speech Radio News

3-20-02: Striking PNN Reporters ratify 3-10-02 agreement

3-10-02: PNN strike officially settled at iPNB meeting in L.A.!
PNN strike settlement resolution

FREE SPEECH RADIO NEWS now airs on WBAI (daily at 6:30pm)
Welcome back to NYC airwaves Pacifica Stringers!!

11-2-01: Alice Walker & Studs Terkel appeal to fund FSRN
10-20-01: Free Speech Radio News does "Pacifica's" job: uncensored war coverage
10-19-01: Open Letter to new illegal board chairman
8-11-01: Striking PNN reporters' letter to Don Rush
7-22-01: Free Speech Radio news (the real Pacifica) witnessing hell in Genoa
7-4-01: Noam Chomsky wants you to back Free Speech Radio News
6-6-01: FSRN Airs Mumia; Launches 2nd Month
6-6-01: Stringers strikers puts things straight
5-9-01: Free Speech Radio News Goes Daily

Please Support Striking Pacifica Reporters

In January 2000, dozens of stringers for the Pacifica Network News went on strike to protest rampant censorship throughout the network. The striking reporters were filing from across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and many have won the industry's top awards.

Thousands of progressives and union members have endorsed the strike, many of whom refuse to give comment to PNN until the strike is resolved. Supporters include: Alameda County Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO), Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), Independent Media Center, Project Censored, Noam Chomsly, Angela Y. Davis, Mike Davis, Barbara Ehrenreich, Peter Franck, Robert McChesney, Michael Moore, Tilli Olsen, Michael Parenti and Alice Walker.

Pacifica Stikecast

Innitially Free Speech Radio News was produced weekly by Aaron Glanz out of KPFA Berkley, and included reportage from the great reporters who used to report for PNN. The strikecast is now carried daily at 50 stations around the U.S.. At least 14 affiliates cancelled PNN opting instead to carry FSRN. Meanwhile, PNN maintains a blacklist against everyone who joined the strike.

If it's not in your area: Download Free Speech Radio News here


Consider a donation to the strike fund. Funds are urgently needed to continue to produce Free Speech Radio News, as well as advertise the progress of the strike.

Visit the Strikers' Web Site:

Or Contact The Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship:

Or Call:

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