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A-Infos Radio Project needs funds

( 9-5-01 follow-up report at bottom )

Dear allies and activists in the movement to free Pacifica Radio,

I'm afraid that this is a fundraising appeal, on behalf of the A-Infos 
Radio project (also known as www.radio4all.net) that has been 
hosting WBAI and Pacifica related audio, as well as most recently, 
the Democracy Now in Exile broadcasts.

There is an interesting irony here. The A-Infos Radio project was in 
part conceived specifically to give the movement's community radio 
allies, the "affiliates," a means to bypass Pacifica control. At the 
time the project was founded in 1996, Pacifca was pushing the KU 
system, attempting to lock the affiliate stations in, and to extend 
control to both their air and their fundraising mechanisms. Poorer 
stations were forced to give up public radio satellite receivers in 
order to afford the KU band, which was to be the only place that 
Pacifica News and Democracy Now! were going to be available.

When some affiliates became active in the struggle, and began 
running on air disclaimers about Pacifica's hiring of union-busting 
consultants, Pacifica even came out with a contract that had a 
clause prohibiting the disparagement of Pacifica on the airwaves of 
affiliate stations, thereby attempting to place a gag order on those 
independent stations as well having already gagged the five 
Pacifica stations. 

We hoped to enable affiliates to resist this radio imperialism from a 
position of strength by having a freely available mechanism for 
distribution and program sharing, the A-Infos Radio Project.

However, in those early years the Project was not used too much 
in that context. Free Radio, which was starting from ground zero 
with more up-to-date technology in terms of computers and the 
Net, were the folks who came to rely on us the most. The A-Infos 
Radio project also served as the inspiration for the folks who 
designed the softaware that was to provide the framework for the 
IMC. We were the first to distribute Making Contact on-line, before 
they got their own server. Many grassroots radio efforts, such as 
Earth First Radio, The Weekly Freak Show, and Food Not Bombs 
Radio that could have never afforded satellite fees have been able 
to distribute their programs nationally and internationally because 
of the Radio Project. Students striking at the Autonomous 
University in Mexico City were able to get news reports out to the 
world, and Free Radio stations in Germany serving as 
communications links for mass actions against nuclear waste 
transshipments have also used the Project to distribute news 
reports and calls to action.

Five years later, the A-Infos Radio Project is now playing a 
significant role in the Pacifica struggle at last. I say that not to 
minimize the importance of the other roles it has played, but 
because of my personal committment to freeing Pacifica.

And the irony is that now that we have a mass movement in 
response to mass mayhem at Pacifica, the demands being placed 
on the Project's  bandwidth are overwhelming us and making this 
difficult to achieve.

Here's a message from a user:

> >
> >I've been downloading from radio4all.net alot lately, even on DSL, 
> >and the server is way slow, compared to, say, the server that 
> >carries FSRN.  I don't want some of allied stations to get too 
> >frustrated.
> >   Could someone pass this along to whoever might want to deal with it.

We very much want to deal with it. We don't want stations to be 
frustrated. We are already feeling frustrated ourselves because 
what stands between us and dealing with it is $3000.

The A-Infos Radio project is an all-volunteer project which was 
conceived of as a producers cooperative. It's purpose was to serve 
as a distribution system of broadcast quality audio for radio 
producers and stations to share material, enabling a poor station to 
have free access to news reports and programming from all over 
the world. We had never intended it to be a venue for on-line 
listening, i.e. "webcasting". In addition to the increase in stations 
using the Project, we now have more and more individuals using it 
to download files for personal listening, and so we have become a 
webcasting service by popular demand.

Our server is attached to a 360kbps ADSL line. To more properly 
meet the present need we need to upgrade to 1.1 Mbps, roughly 
the same size pipe as the standard (and way too expensive for us 
T-1 line) from Transbay that is serving FSRN.

The project has been supported through various donations of labor 
and resources, as well as out of the pockets of the Projects three-
person web/tech support team. We avoided general fundraising for 
many years, because we were managing with what we had, but our 
traffic has tripled in the past year.

We need to triple our bandwidth and to do this we must be able to 
guaranterr that we have the funds for the upgrade, as well enough 
money to sustain the next 2 years of monthly charges. Once you 
promise people a service, you can't just turn it off because you 
can't pay the bill. Many of our users depend on us to distribute 
their programs, and to get regularly scheduled programs which 
their listeners are counting on.

Actually, we were told that Transbay would be willing to give us a 
discounted rate to co-locate our server there, and though we have 
been repeatedly trying to contact the person we were told to speak 
to for more than a month, they never call us back. We've kinda 
figured that they aren't interested and we have been researching 
other options. Upgrading our DSL is the only affordable option, as 
we can do this with our present provider for an extra 200 dollars a 
month, plus a 300 dollars set up fee. 

They will want to bill the increased service directly to one of our 
credit cards, and we are understandably concerned to be left 
individually responsible for the debt. 

One reason we were hesitant to do mass fundraising in the past is 
that we are not a 501-c3, nor do we wish to be, and we didn't even 
have a bank account. We have recently taken steps to create a 
more "legitimate" environment to receive donations.

Media Alliance in the San Francisco Bay Area has agreed to 
become our fiscal sponsor, thereby allowing us to offer tax-
deductions and to enable people to write checks to the Project 
instead of to individuals associated with the Project.

Around a thousand people download audio from the site daily. If 
each person gave $5 dollars per year, we'd have our kitty plus 
enough for a new hard drive. The one we bought several months 
ago is nearly full. We now have more than 2300 programs archived 
on the site. 

Lew Hill figured that if the service provided was important, that the 
community who benefits by it would make sure to keep it viable 
through their donations. We at the A-Infos Radio Project have 
always subscribed to that philosophy. We don't ask people for 
money either to upload or download, but if no one is willing to help, 
the present traffic jam on our bandwidth will make the site unusable 
for everyone.

Many of you have already helped us out financially and we very 
much appreciate it. One generous person has offered to cover one 
year of bandwidth. We need to match his contribution to know that 
we can sustain the additional monthly expense without forcing one 
of the webkeepers to go personally into debt to do so. 

I hope you can all find a few bucks to send our way. We don't have 
premium gifts or tapes. But you can hear Noam Chomsky any hour 
of the day or night. Here's our present archive of speeches and 
interviews with Chomsky

Noam Chomsky: Case Studies In Hypocrisy (US Human                
Rights Policy)
Noam Chomsky: Case Studies In Hypocrisy (US Iraq                   
Noam Chomsky: Night Waves interview
Chomsky-Current Crisis in the Middle East
Rogue States - An interview with Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky: US Colombia Policy
Obscure Noam Chomsky stuff
Rage Against The Machine Interview With Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky: The US Agenda for the Americas
Noam Chomsky: Government In The Future
Global Kitchen: Chomsky on Kosovo, Vietnam & Media 
Noam Chomsky: New World Order, A Changing Vision
Noam Chomsky: The Clinton Vision
Justice for East Timor
Noam Chomsky: Class War
Noam Chomsky: Prospects for Democracy
Noam Chomsky: Capital Rules
Noam Chomsky: Free Market Fantasies
Is Capitalism Just?
Noam Chomsky on East Timor

Here's some of our present list of commentaries by Mumia Abu 
Jamal, his commentaries read by others, and speeches and 
interviews about his case:

WBIX special on Mumia Abu-Jamal
 AK Press Audio: Mumia Abu-Jamal
Democracy Now!: 08/17/01 Special - Mumia Abu-Jamal
Freak Radio Santa Cruz: Jeff Mackler On Mumia
Mumia Abu Jamal
 Fair Use For Mumia: PSA for August 17 protest in Philly
Rockin' the Boat: Update On The Case Of Mumia Abu-Jamal
The Weekly Freak Show: Headlines & Highlights for the week 
ending 5/10
Eliot Grossman , Attorney for Mumia Abu-Jamal
TUC Radio: Women of the Sixties: Kathleen Cleaver on Mumia Abu 
 WBAI/Pacifica: Mumia Commentary on Democracy Now!
Under Lock and Key: News and Commentary on Prisons
Bruderhof Radio: Mumia Abu-Jamal on Police Brutality and State
Mumia Abu-Jamal: The Million Family March
Mumia Abu-Jamal: Sport & Survival
Mumia Abu-Jamal: When Wen Ho Lee Went Free
Bruderhof Radio: Cuba: Resisting The Empire
Mumia Abu-Jamal: New Commentaries
Mumia Abu Jamal: Antioch Commencement Speech
Mumia Abu Jamal essay: Killing Time
Mumia Abu Jamal Essay: Outlawing Prison Legal Books
Mumia Abu Jamal: The True Nature of the State
Mumia Abu Jamal essay: Teaching Oppression
Mumia Abu Jamal essay: The Snitch Factor
Mumia Abu Jamal Essay: The folly of calling the FBI (send this one 
to Ken Ford!!)
Mumia Abu-Jamal: An Ending, A Beginning
Mumia Abu-Jamal Commentary:: Texas: The Death State
Michael Parenti - real History Series: The Founding Fathers, World 
War II and Mumia Abu Jamal
Civil Disobedience for Mumia Abu-Jamal
Mumia Abu-Jamal - Censorship In Action
Bruderhof Radio: Hurricane Season
New Mumia Abu-Jamal Commentaries
Clinton's Poverty Tour
A Violent World
Selling out Assata
RAIL: Review of Mumia's All Things Censored CD
A Taste of Philly Justice
An Impartial Killing?
A Nation's Gratitude?
 American Gulag
Mumia Abu Jamal Solikomitee Berlin / Onda: Für das Leben und 
die Freiheit von Mumia
Bruderhof Radio: Live (and Kicking) From Death Row: Mumia Abu-
Full Logic Reverse: "Millions For Mumia!"
Ramona Africa: Free All Political Prisoners!
San Francisco Liberation Radio: San Franciscans Rally for Mumia 
Abu Jamal
San Francisco Liberation Radio: Justice for Mumia
RAtM: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Free Betty Tyson!
Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Report from the People's Tribunal 
for Mumia Abu Jamal
San Francisco Liberation Radio: Free Mumia Abu Jamal
Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Interview with Ramona Africa
Full Logic Reverse: An Interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal
San Francisco Liberation Radio: An Evening for Mumia Abu Jamal
San Francisco Liberation Radio: Geronimo ji Jaga Speaks

or if you want to bone up on the IMF before going out to protest 
next month, here's some programs that might interest you...

CKLN: word of mouth news: Patrick Bond on anti-globalization 
struggle in South Africa
Unwelcome Guests: #56 - Guns and Briefcases - the unholy 
UC Radio: Dennis Brutus: Cry for the Beloved Country
Steppin' Out of Babylon: Walden Bello-Asian Development Bank &
Steppin' Out of Babylon: The IMF, Oil, & War in Columbia & 
TUC Radio: Vandana Shiva: Peasant of India VS Biopirates
Global south Panel on IMF/WB
TUC Radio: Blueprint For a New UN/David Korten & Miloon Kothari
Bruderhof Radio: Fundamental Injustice
 Steppin' Out of Babylon: Ann Pettifor, Co-founder of Jubilee 2000
Saturday Morning Live: CKLN 88.1 FM: Yugoslavian elections / 
Columbia / Chile / Peru
TUC Radio: WTO Series: Susan George on WTO, IMF, World Bank
North Seattle Grassroots Radio: Perspectives on the IMF/WB
IFG Teach-in 4/14/2000: A16 - IFG Teach-In Panel 4
Unwelcome Guests: Report Back from A:16
Radio Freedom: Radio Freedom
IFG Teach-in 4/14/2000: A16 - IFG Teach-In Panel 2
News and Views: Media Coverage of IMF/WB Protests
IFG Teach-in 4/14/2000: A16 - IFG Teach-In Panel 1
 A16 Final Issues Forum
A16 - Interview with Black Bloc member Flint Jones
A16 - Building the Movement
Unwelcome Guests: Show #5 You Can't make a Silk Purse out Of 
a Sow's Ear
Unwelcome Guests: Show #3 - The Costs of Empire and the IMF
Radio Cognito: Michel Chossudovsky - The Globalization of Poverty

Just like Pacifica, this is available to you for free. Unlike Pacifica, 
we take no CPB funding , have no general managers, good 
or bad, and perform no surveillance on our contributing producers. 
We are, and always have been, about free speech. And we never 
purge anybody, which is why we need a new hard drive!

Checks can be sent to

The A-Infos Radio Project
c/o Media Alliance
814 Mission Street, #205
San Francisco, CA 94103

Checks should be made out to Media Alliance
In the memo section write A-Infos so they know it is for us.
Donations made through Media Alliance are tax-deductible

If you use the on-line service Paypal, you can also pay by credit 
card on-line. Go to the URL below and click on the PayPal button 
near the bottom of the page. 

PayPal donations come directly to us, and therefore are not tax 

Thanks in advance for your help. If we can get a speedy and 
enthusiastic response, we will move ahead with the bandwidth 
upgrade ASAP.

for the A-Infos Radio Project

The A-Infos Radio Project
Information was meant to be free


[9-5-01 success report]

Dear Friends,

The response to the fundraising appeal to upgrade our bandwidth at 
the A-Infos Radio Project has been amazing. We have not only met 
our $3000 goal, we have exceeded it by $700!

And not a moment too soon, as traffic continues to increase.

We ordered our new 1.1 Mbps DSL and are now waiting for the 
installation to take place. Unfortunately, the ISP can't give us a firm 
date, and has given us a 2-5 week window, The 2 week window is 
coming up, so at this point we are waiting and hoping.

Democracy Now! in exile programs continue to be avilailable on the 
site, thanks to Dave at FM Radio Relay, who is faithfully uploading 
each day's edition. I'd also like to make you aware of a new series, 
the Wizards of Money
which is a tutorial on how money is created, how the the financial 
end of capitalism really works, and how its structure leads to 
concentration of wealth and a dearth of democracy.

The next edition, which is in production now, will focus on what 
bankers call "sub-prime lending" and how these predators are 
targeting poor people, especially senior citizens, to make them 
high-interest loans that will result in the banks grabbing their 

The story of how this program came to be illustrates what the 
Pacifca struggle is about. 

The producer of Wizards of Money, Smithy, is a professional 
financial consultant working in the investment capital industry. She 
said she had never really thought about the impact of her work, 
until she began listening to Democracy Now! on her local 
community radio station. She began to realize the un-democratic 
nature of the whole monetary system and its negative effects on 
most people and the environment. 

When Democracy Now! came under attack, she became a 
volunteer with the Pacifica Campaign, and is now producing radio 
programming herself!

What Pacifica has done all these years does have impact, and that 
is exactly why it has been targeted for destruction.

Thanks again for your help in supporting the community radio 

on behalf of the A-Infos Radio Project

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