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5-7-01 New York City Council Public Hearing

New York City Council Public Hearing on RESOLUTION #1723 Monday, May 7th at 10 a.m. at City Hall

As stated by City Council spokesperson Jake Lynn, "Resolution #1723 will put WBAI and the Pacifica Foundation in the spotlight and force them to explain their actions." Newsday (1/29/10)


1.) Pack the hearing room on May 7th.
2.) Make calls to specific council members.
3.) Write statements in support of RESOLUTION # 1723.

RES. #1723, a non-binding resolution, mirrors the demands of Concerned Friends of WBAI adopted on Jan. 11th. It calls for:

* the reinstatement of all fired staff
* the lifting of all bans and the gag rule
* the restoration of regular programming
* the end to all censorship
* the inclusion of all staff (paid and unpaid) in the collective bargaining unit
* support for the current lawsuits

1.Pack the hearing room
Be at City Hall on Monday, May 7th to hear representatives of Concerned Friends, the banned and fired producers, the lawsuits etc. speak in support of the resolution.

2. Call the following council members before Monday and urge them to support the resolution by becoming a co-sponsor and by voting to move the resolution out of committee for a floor vote.

Lucy Cruz (Bx) (718) 518-7110, Alfonso C. Stabile (Q) (718) 843-5283, Karen Koslowitz (Q) (718)544-3212, Howard L. Lasher (BK) (718)266-2000, Lawrence A. Warden (718) 944-9951

The above council members sit on the nine member Civil Service and Labor Committee, the presiding committee. While they as yet have not signed on as co-sponsors to the resolution, the four remaining committee members have -- Christine Quinn (M) introduced resolution, Angel Rodriguez (Bk), Pedro G. Espada (Bx), Joel Rivera (Bx).

3. Write a statement in support of the resolution and bring ten 10 copies, one for each of the council members to the hearing and one for Rosalie. If you won't be at the hearing, send the statement to Lucy Cruz, 1967 Turnbull Ave., Bronx NY, 10473, and e-mail it to Rosalie at Rosaliefreepac@aol.com (she will make copies for the other council members.)

The resolution was introduced by Christine Quinn (M) on Feb.7th. To date, 16 of the 51 council members have signed on as co-sponsors to Res.# 1723. They are: Kathryn E. Freed (M), Ronnie M. Eldridge (M), Bill Perkins (M), Guillermos Linares (M), Margarita Lopez (M), A. Gifford Miller (M), June M. Eisland (Bx), Joel River (Bx), Pedro Espada (Bx), Helen M. Marshall (Q), Sheldon S. Leffler (Q), Angel Rodriquez (Bk), Priscilla A. Wooten (BK), Stephen DiBrienza (Bk), Mary Pinkett (Bk), and Victor L. Robles (Bk).

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